Lucky The Big Check Is Ready to Make Someone a Millionaire!

Lucky the Big Check

Yes, dear fans, I’m back … and better than ever! C’est MOI, “Lucky Windfall,” the famous, handsome, suave PCH Big Check! And I’m so excited, I could just turn cartwheels – which is no mean feat for a cardboard guy like me.

You see, Publishers Clearing House is authorized to award a huge MegaPrize on June 30th– an amazing One Million Dollars plus $5,000.00 A Week For Life.  And that means that your pal Lucky here is all inked up and ready to roll, because somebody – maybe YOU –will definitely become a Millionaire in just 12 days!

Oh, the preparations, the preparations!  First, artist extraordinaire, Michael C., must inscribe me with the winner’s name and prize. (He always does such nice work, and he’s SUCH a sweetheart.) Then I must lie face-up and stay perfectly motionless until the ink dries completely.  If I yawn or sneeze before that, Mike has to do the whole job over – so annoying! Then, I am wrapped in protective craft paper (don’t worry, Michael leaves air holes).

But really, it’ll all be worth it. Because, on June 30th, when I’m unwrapped (ouch – easy with that masking tape!) and carried by Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane and Danielle Lam to the winner’s front door and I see that overjoyed face …  well … excuse me.  I’m getting a little choked up here; don’t want to get tear stains on the cardboard.

I mean, just think about it: how would you feel to see a big, beautiful Big Check in your name with “One Million Dollars plus $5,000.00 A Week For Life” written on it? If you grabbed me and kissed me, heck, I wouldn’t complain! All in a day’s work.

You know, this is not my first MegaPrize “gig,” so I know huge PCH prize awards like this really happen. I’ll never forget the day my Prize Patrol pals brought me to our last MegaPrize winner, LeRoy Faulks. (Between you and me, he was so excited, I was afraid he was going to drop me!)

I‘m really “psyched” for someone to win a BIG MegaPrize on June 30th, so I could have “$1 Million Plus $5,000.00 A Week For Life” emblazoned across my chest. It makes me look especially handsome in the TV commercials.  Of course, if there is no matching winning number, we will go to a second chance drawing and $1,000,000.00 will be on my check instead.  Either way, I think our millionaire winner will be glad to see me in a short while.

Here’s the BIG question, though: do you want me to come and see YOU in 12 days? Think how cool it would be to face the camera clutching roses, balloons and ME, Lucky, the famous, sought-after PCH Big Check! Make it happen for the both of us … enter today and every day at while you still have time left. You can also score a daily entry at PCHSearch&Win with your first search of the day!

The clock is ticking … and I can’t wait for my big millionaire-making moment. I’m big, I’m beautiful and I look like a Million Bucks … or even a Million Bucks Plus $5,000.00 A Week For Life. And I could be yours.

Only you can make it happen … enter now, and the Prize Patrol could bring me to your door on June 30th.

Your Pal, “Lucky,” the PCH Big Check


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  1. Hi prize patrol ! I’m back again to let you know, I want to “Win It All” and live that” Dream Life ” by winning that “Big Check” a lump sum payout of 2million , 10 thousand a month, and a brand new Lincoln MKZ , June 30th – So please come knocking at my door so I can be ‘ Set For Life’ ! .Thanks again, Lucinda

  2. It has been my greatest ambition to win the publishing clearing house “Big Check”, and to meet the prize patrol team. I’m sure I will become overwhelmed if they knock on my door since I have been waiting and hoping to receive the big prize. Moreover, I will continue to play until that surprising day occur.

  3. My Dear Lucky Windfall I can hardly wait for our big date on April 28th …. I CAN SEE YOU AND ME DANCING ROUND THE GLOBE…I Have great plans for us on OUR new Prevost bus we will party till the cows come home. We will head on to Calgary Canada , you and me , where we will see ” The Calgary Stampede” …. the worlds largest RODEO. We will have the biggest time who cares if it has reason or rhyme we are going to GoGoGoGOGOGO. Yee Haw Yippy Kiaya and a Buckaroo too You will make all my dreams come true. If it weren’t for you I would be sad and blue with nothing in life left to do. Come on we will see the whole world you and me Till my Bucket is empty and we are through!
    Ill be singing you my song that goes like this here I am the Happiest Girl in the whole USA….Skipity doo dah ……

  4. I really hope I’m PCH,s nest big millionaire. I,be been a PCH VIP for a few months and haven,twin any big money yet. I hope I will this time. Thanks,

  5. They do they keep changing the dates? 1st in was April 30th, then June 30th, now it’s Augustv3oth.
    When is the real winners date?

  6. Yes pch I’m ready for you to make me a millionaire I want to win for life pch I’m so ready and waiting for this to happen pch 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😂😂😂😂😂😂😂