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  1. Claim my $25,000 prize for pch forever set for life $5,000 .and $1,000 Prize and $50 000 .also I want to win it all the $ 5,000 forever a week for life .Darla Wimberly

  2. I want to win so bad !!! I’ve been trying hard to win for 4 years now on line and many many years by mail also !! Iget messages telling me I’m so close and keep on (and I do ) but never win …I’m 71 and probably want be around to many years to keep entering and buying the bargains ….I have been very please with the merchandise and I thank you for letting me pay you out or I wouldn’t be able to order very much !!!!Thank you for the dream of perhaps winning for myself and my children , Great Grandchildren and Great-Great Grandchildren !!!Maybe some day !!!!!!

  3. Hi guys,just wanted to wish you a very blessed Christmas,hope this finds you and you happy and healthy!Happy New year!sincerly Ruth Sanvig, PS I really want to win!

  4. Hi Dears.I”m entries for chance to Win $1,000.000.00 plus Win $5,000.00 a Week for Life with GWY No 6900. God Bless.LC>Hialeah.Thanks.