PCH.com entry confirmation

PCH.com entry confirmation

659 thoughts on “PCH.com entry confirmation”

  1. ron gandara says:

    Thank you very much I hope to win this

    1. MairaBaños says:

      Quiero ganar pero no hablo el inglés y aveces no se como hacer la entrada de confirmation

  2. i do so want to win as everyone else do.. i try so hard to do everything we are ask too. but cant see too well i have eye glasses and my magnifier glass oh my flash light have become my tools to search ;;;;; then i get a headace….. but if you want to win keep trying;;;;;; GOOD LUCK ALL YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE;;;; I STILL DREAM I HAD WON;;;;; WHAT A GREAT GREAM … RIGHT”” THEN I LOOK IN MY CHECK BOOK;;;; BOY IM AWAKE

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