PCH.com entry confirmation

PCH.com entry confirmation

603 thoughts on “PCH.com entry confirmation”

  1. Wow bless can come from any here !! Thanks to GOD JESUS THEN TO STAFF AND PCH.COM

  2. Sabra says:

    Hope we all benefit thank you

  3. Linda Calloway says:

    I need to win to buy my Insulin for diabetes

  4. Carl Petty says:

    I have been working on winning need help to win, but will still keep trying HELP

  5. betty paul says:

    you must be signed in to claim a prize but that is totally crazy difficult

  6. Jamie Prystupa says:

    I jamie prystupa am confirming my sweep steaks entry 3080 for the August 28th giveaway. My prize number is 6477 3549 1619

  7. carleap billingslea says:

    im about to give up on this pch sweepstakes.everyday im trying to enter r confirm my entry and i have no success.my house is old and collapsing,my bills r outrageous and i have two kids i have to raise. dont have time for pipe dreams.dont know why i havent unsubscribed yet ,just feels good daydreaming about winning.the only way im gonna get any money is to keep working my ass off like ive been doing.instead wishing for pch to come thru i n eed to find me a better job.whomever wins congrats! EVERYBODY GOT SOME KIND OF SAD STORY TO TELL IM DEALING AND FACING THE REAL WORLD.

  8. anna hendrix says:

    I believe I’m a winner just waiting patiently for pch van to pull up on that day to my house.

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