PCHsearch&win entry confirmation

PCHsearch&win entry confirmation

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  1. Claudia Fiedler says:

    WOW two more Days!!! Please activate my confrimed entry for PCH GWY 4900 $5,000 week for life Nov 25th. And I’ll know that I’ve won if Dave Sayer and Prize Patrol knock on my door with that “Big Check” with all the cameras light tv celebration. Okay! Ready set go!!! Thanks PCH and God bless!!!

  2. it would be nice if search for winners would be more evident on front page

  3. Tom Bodnar says:

    How many entries…seems like it changes every day

  4. RANDY HILTON says:

    Any recipient of this Notice who is assigned what turns out to be the matching WINNING Number from Giveaway No. 49OO will receive a SuperPrize of $5,OOO.OO A Week For Life from the Prize Patrol — but only if said number is registered on time! HOW CAN YOU BE REGISTERED ON TIME IF YOU NEVER GET A WINNING NUMBER TO REGISTER ,PLEASE SEND YOU CAN,T GET IT THROUGH SEARCHING ,BEEN TRYING FOR MONTHS ,WHATS THE CATCH?

  5. I want pch to recognize me on gwy ,,4900. Thank you

  6. I. Would. Like. To. Confirm. My. Entry. With. Pch

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