What’s In Prize Patrol Elite Member Danielle Lam’s Suitcase?

Danielle Lam Prize Patrol Elite

Hey PCH fans!

It is no surprise that the Prize Patrol Elite travels ALL across the country to deliver PCH winners their “Big Checks”, but did you ever wonder what they pack besides the check? I thought you would! In a special PCH exclusive, we had the opportunity to talk to the lovely Danielle Lam about what she can’t live without on these very special PCH trips! Here’s an inside look at what’s inside Danielle Lam’s suitcase.

What's In Your Suitcase Danielle Lam

The first thing we came across is hand-sanitizer!

Danielle: With all the traveling I do, hand sanitizer is a good way to keep germs away and stay healthy!

Good point! Nobody likes pesky germs getting in the way of a trip!

The next thing we find is equally as healthy as hand sanitizer, vitamins!

Danielle: Vitamin D3 is great for keeping your immune system up and healthy!

You know what they say, a vitamin a day keeps the doctor away!…or was that an apple?

Next we have one of my favorite personal belongings, an iPad!

Prize Patrol's Danielle Lam

Danielle: While traveling we often encounter some kind of flight delay, so I always have my iPad packed and prepared with all sorts of games and books. I also log into my Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page and answer fan comments from the road!

Next item we found is something I too can’t live without, makeup!

Danielle: As my friends and family know, I wear makeup all the time … even to walk the dog! My favorite type of makeup is black eye liner…I can’t be seen in public without it!

We all know that Danielle is beautiful with or without makeup, but black eye liner is one of my favorites!

The next item Danielle can’t leave the house without is a good book! Neither can I!

Danielle Lam

Danielle: I don’t have time at home to sit and enjoy a good book most of the time, so I take long flights as an opportunity to read. I personally am a Dean Koontz fan!

Books are an awesome escape when you have time to kill!

Last but not least, the final item we found in Danielle’s suitcase is pictures of her family and dogs! AW!

Danielle: I miss my family and dogs so much when I’m away that I bring pictures to remind me of them!

Danielle goes on to tell us that Prize Patrol Elite trips could last from 1 to 4 days depending on where the winner lives, and how many prizes they are awarding! Just to be safe, we think Danielle should carry these items all the time so traveling is always a breeze!

We thank Danielle Lam for giving us the inside scoop on what a member of the Prize Patrol Elite carries in their luggage! Remember to say hi if you ever spot her or any other members of the Prize Patrol Elite at an airport near you!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. Comment below to take a guess at what’s in Todd or Dave’s luggage!


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    I know you have diffent thing in you suitecase now

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    Hi. Danielle. Lam ,Dave, Todd.how are y’all doing are y’all looking for. Me my is lottie Sampson.from Rolling fork ms

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    Wow thanks for sharing

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    I think Todd would have some great looking socks, and maybe some real nice smelling cologne nothing better than a wonderful smelling man. Just a little thought Dean Koontz has great books he’s my favorite author. I’m in your Elite picks and I’m hoping to meet you all soon for either Gwy.No. 3080 or Gwy.No.4900

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