Danielle Lam Prize Patrol Elite

Danielle Lam with her trusty Prize Patrol luggage!

10 thoughts on “Danielle Lam Prize Patrol Elite”

  1. LASHELL IRVING !! says:

    hello happy 4th of july to you and your family !! please keeping the faith

  2. Hello, I pray all is well !! Can’t wait to meet you guys at my door !!

  3. Lashell Irving says:

    Hi it’s miss Lashell Irving of CA, IM haven’t giving up yet and not planing to give up !! Can’t wait for u to come to STKN CA, thanks AGIAN !!

  4. Latravis London says:

    Who Knows maybe one day I could win big too.All because of people like PCH family.

  5. TERRI COCHRAN says:

    add your comment herethats cool i lovve my eyeliner 2 i use liquid eye liner the pencil an i have 2 have lip because it i have 2 i can male cheeks an add 1 my eyes so much my liber an lipstick can do hehehe thanks 4 sharing 4 n this i would have 2 agree hehehehe so cool u r like real i like real people

  6. Mary Hutcheson says:

    I sure would like to win the sweepstakes. I Hope you have s safe trip. And come to south ga and knock on my door.

  7. TERRI COCHRAN says:

    add your comment here wow have safe journey hope u come 2 delaware ohio :):):)

  8. Patricia Franklin says:

    I would be so happy if I win the sweepstake!

  9. kim king says:

    I have truely enjoyed your games and contest maybe I could work for you later.

  10. Linda Bannister says:

    Safe travels to the prize patrol to make someone very happy on June 30, 2013 . !!!

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