Last Day To Enter! How Much Do You Want To Win?

Hey PCH fans!

As Danielle Lam mentioned in the video above, TODAY, JUNE 24TH, IS THE ABSOLUTE LAST DAY TO ENTER TO WIN THE MEGA PRIZE ON JUNE 30TH! REMEMBER, that’s $1,000,000 on the spot, PLUS $5,000 every single week for life!

Now we know all you blog readers want to win…but the question is…how MUCH do you want to win? We want to know which of you are the MOST enthusiastic about winning…which of you on a scale of 1-10 are a definite 10

How Much Do YOU Want To Win?

You see, even though everyone wants to win, there are some PCH fans out there who make winning their number one priority. These fans enter every single day, in every single way they can.

If you answered that you’re a 10, we hope that today, the last day to enter, you’ll enter every single way you can! It’s your LAST CHANCE!

There are so many ways you can enter to win at PCH! If you are truly a 10 and you REALLY want to win a prize that can change your life, pay attention! Right here is your PCH 101 guide about all the ways you can enter to win BIG from PCH! If you want your dreams to come true like so many PCH winners before you — including LeRoy Faulks, our first-ever Mega Prize winner — make sure you use every chance you can to make that happen!

Even if you haven’t entered yet, don’t worry, it’s not too late! Just use every opportunity you have today to get your entries in before it’s too late!

So everyone, I’ll ask this question one more time…On a scale of 1-10, HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT TO WIN THE MEGA PRIZE ON JUNE 30TH? Comment below and let us know…and be sure to get those final entries in while you still can!


Best of luck everyone!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. Remember: our June 30th Prize Event is what we call a Special Early Look. In just a few days, we’ll finally have the results of our Special Early Look Drawing. Be sure to check back at the blog later this week to see what amount will be on June 30th’s Big Check — One Million Dollars OR $1,000,000.00 PLUS $5,000.00 A Week For Life!

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  1. says:

    Wow.. Hey PCH.. its me.. LyndaLee46.. can I please win this prize .. its the last day to enter and I am here to try to win. Thank you all for all you do.. I am gonna have to start walking if I don’t win soon.. the Sebring is getting old.. and now wanting to go very well.. Would like to get her fixed.. Not to mention all the other special things I want to do .. This prize would be amazing.. Thank you PCH..

  2. candance chambers says:

    I want to win.

  3. hello pch I would be so happy if me and my kids would win something like I said before we go paycheck to paycheck it would be nice to have money to buy my kids new clothes go on a vacation or out to dinner somewhere my children deserve so much more I always wanted to give them there dreams but have not been able to do that yet so please help me prize patrol make there dreams come true thank you wonderful people pch

  4. Judye Cooper says:

    Thus would be a very blessed event to be able to win at the pch sweepstakes. Friends and family know it would also be a blessing for them also.

  5. jessica snyder says:

    I want to win it would be an amazing blessing thank you pch

  6. Sergio Jimenez says:

    Yes 5,000.00 a week is the best dream in this life.thank you very much.for all opportunity.

  7. Milton Carrothers says:

    Pch, I would like to win $5000.00 week “forever” for life. I have been through a lots of things in my life and homeless. I just got on my feet now but with debts. But this will help me alot.

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