Past PCH Winner Stephanie Gornichec Proves “It’s Very REAL!”

Past PCH Winner Stephanie Gornichec

Hello PCH fans!  How would winning $1,000,000 change your life? Would you buy your dream house? Take a fabulous vacation? Buy a new car? Send your kids to college? Whatever you had in mind can quickly become a reality with PCH!

I’m sure all of you have dreamed about the Prize Patrol showing up at YOUR door with the famous Big Check!  Four years ago, in August of 2009, PCH winner Stephanie Gornichec got to experience the life-changing event for herself when the Prize Patrol knocked at her door with a 1 MILLION DOLLAR prize! We recently followed up with this past PCH winner to hear about how her life has changed since that day.

At the time PCH showed up at our door, we were filing for bankruptcy,” said Gornichec. “I had lost my job the year before, which put us in a situation because my income was what had been paying the majority of the bills up until that time.”

Gornichec’s family has lost their truck to repossession, and had a month left before the bank was taking their home. She had been actively searching for a job, but sadly nothing was coming along.

So how did Stephanie come to win the PCH sweepstakes?

I had known about publishers for years and entered by mail sporadically. One day after job searching and sending in applications, I received an e-mail about PCHSearch&Win. I went in and entered and then became curious as to what this was all about. I read an article by Natalie B. who had won in 2008. She had stated she entered faithfully every day,” Gornichec said.

And that is EXACTLY how Stephanie became a PCH winner, too!

I was very faithful every day in my entries. I started this process in March of 2009 and won in August of 2009. I entered mostly online and occasionally by mail. My husband Shaun would snicker over his coffee at me every day… he quit that when I won,” she said happily.

Now that Stephanie and her family were PCH millionaires, what exactly did they do with the money? Did it really change their lives forever?

Winning the money changed everything,” she said. “We stopped the bankruptcy, went and got the truck back, and paid off the back mortgage to keep the house. We were also able to help our kids and family with financial assistance, which before we were in no position to help out.”

So what are Stephanie and her family up to now — and of course, what did they do with ALL that money?

We paid off bills, got ourselves out of bankruptcy, and got the house back on track…we splurged on the house and had a patio poured and an awning put on,” she said. “This is something we had always talked about and finally got that project done.”

Stephanie and her husband Shaun now own their own business Golf Addicts, and continue to be thankful for winning everyday!

So what is her advice for blog readers like you?

My advice to people is to keep entering; you never know, one day it could be you,” she said. “If you don’t enter you don’t have a chance of winning.”

So what are YOU waiting for? Enter today and YOU could become our next big winner!

Victoria C.

PCH Creative

P.S. What would YOU do with the money? Tell us below!

220 thoughts on “Past PCH Winner Stephanie Gornichec Proves “It’s Very REAL!””

  1. I would be happy forever if I won

  2. Baarent says:

    I Would Give Back To Any Charity Of My Choice And To My Community
    I Would Definitely Help My Family And Choice Of Friends
    The Rest I Would Put Away Just Live Off The Entrust

  3. Debbie church says:

    I would buy a house! living in a 2 bedroom apartment with 2 nieces I have custody of and my daughter and me and hubby sleep on floor! we work hard to pay the bills and buy food and sleeping on floor is what we get,because we put everyone first so I would buy a house big enough for all of us and pay our car off and make our account in the bank a lot better ♡

  4. Pam Castro says:

    I would love to spend time with my mom who has CHF and help my family.

  5. Alisha Lee Torres says:

    What would i do with the money?! If i ever won a sweepstakes from PCH, i’d buy and rebuild the house i live in now. I’d hire a team of certified people to work with my autistic son. Finally, i’d go on a vacation to anywhere, because i rarely ever leave massachusetts!

    1. David Miller says:

      Retire ,I drove a truck ,going on 38 yrs. In july.would like to enjoy a little bit of my life.

  6. Lenoris Dixon says:

    I am drowning in debt from my previous marriage and I’m currently going a custody battle for my son. I can’t get approved for a house because of my credit score and having a high debt to income ratio. I have a fiance, an 11 year old daughter, and one year old son that I would like to put in a house. Also, I would like to give my fiance the wedding of her dreams because she has been very supportive throughout the custody battle. My job in the military doesn’t take care of all the bills and I’m tired of living paycheck to paycheck and worrying about how I can stretch the money and recycle bills. Please HELP!!!!

  7. says:

    I would love to help my family out with our home repairs

  8. Kimberly Weeks says:


  9. She right you have to play to win and have faith that it could be you next to win I’m believe just waiting to receive

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