Prize Pursuit Sneak Peak

Prize Pursuit Sneak Peak

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  1. I am just thankful for my roof over my head and food on the table here in California we are having fires around and not a lot of people have every day needs from this fire we have going on If i win it all I so want to help out where I live at and start there then give help to out side in the community and go on with charity. I AM Praying for this to happen but I would love to get any blessings. Love you guys

  2. kevin young says:

    I hope you come to salt lake city utah

  3. judy brown says:

    Everyone wants to win and so do I.Saint Jude’s Hospital and my church are the first ones I would help.

  4. I have been loyual player of pch for very long time I “m hoping that one day they will show up at my home in Crossville tn. I would be to the moon and back happy!!!!!!

  5. I am a big fan and hopeful future winner of pch

  6. June 3rd 10:45 sure is looking forward to the PCH prize patrol team to come to Bridgeport ct. 06604 to knock on my door so my dream f0r 12 years as an inventor will finally come true

    prize patrol team to get to Bridgeport ct. 06604 to surprise me

  7. Ok I’m in for the prizes

  8. Traci says:

    Just waiting for you to enter the small beautiful town of Firth Idaho, let it be the final destination for June 30th on #6900 to will it all.

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