Prize Pursuit Sneak Peak

Prize Pursuit Sneak Peak

294 thoughts on “Prize Pursuit Sneak Peak”

  1. Joanna says:

    PCH Prize Patrol…come on down to the “Pacheco” Residents…patiently awaiting Peace.

  2. caydee mawhorr says:

    Im ready to win

  3. Just trying to see if I could be the next winner or not….could really use the money for my family -8 yr old boy and 5 yr old little girl….both my husband and I are currently unemployed at this time , thank you for the opportunity of just playing.

  4. caydee mawhorr says:

    am i who your looking for

  5. clarasaenz says:

    i was told I was getting a door visit first they were going to gas up at a near by gas station then go to a neighborhood florist then the fun part I live for the visit hurray!! is this true? and LEGIT, I sure hope so.. my life depends on this BLESSING

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