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  1. Hi danielle how are you? This is Carokine Himes from springhill Florida .I wrote you and it al got erased many times. Can: ask why? I will tell you what wrote in short .not for abyone to read but you. In january or february I won some money . Not enough to me a millionar but good morni ney from pch. You knew I won. I was on line too.I was so excited I coukd pay bills and eat again. I never got the money and you said I would get it . Look how far we went now. I would take I lie detecter test to show you this is no lie. You don’t do this to Winners we play these games to win. You said you were happy I won and that was it. Is that what I do now.so sad because I am in such need to win you have not clue. Danielle all I can say is I prsy this never happens to you and don’t think it can’t. . I was a teacher with a masters degree for 18 years .try to top that. That’s impossible to top. You know what I have now ‘ nothingat all. Not a dine.not insurance.not car’ not job’ not doctor because I have not money. Not two pennies. I wish you would of kept your word .I am luck I have not lost my home and my home sucks. Not what I dreamed of. Hope this never happens tto you and if it does” I will pray you have someone with money and insurance thst can help you. I had not one bye

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