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  1. roy casdorph says:

    my mom alway played pch ever since i can remember i have been playing so long i a im getting to old to play much longer 63 and holding

  2. i hope you come my way danielle ,i need a car also ,just want to help my family n the homeless before winter startes again..thankyou….

  3. Joseph T Burke says:

    I’d be happy if Danielle stopped by. Even if she didn’t have a huge check on her hands. But that would be nice. I would give everyone a little especially those in need. I would love to have enough money to go back to school. So I don’t need 2 million just about 30K so I can graduate and make money on my own.

    1. Joseph T Burke says:

      I forgot to say Best luck to everyone I pray the money finds a deserving home.



  5. Anna Paul says:

    Good eveni.g danielle wanted to let you know I thought your commercial was excellant. Hope you will be able to do the next one with me and my 2 doggies, bring your dog also so they can meet each other and take pics for memories if I win cause Im in it to win it yahhoo Anna from Hamburg nj. Remember we have bears. I tried to send a pic but im not to good with the computers. Thats ok, God Bless to all you r co workers and of course u

  6. sidney greer says:

    Thanks FOR MY GOOD LUCK!

  7. Dear popsicleClearing house. My name is Barbara brown. I would like to be one of your windows It would mean so much to me and my family I have stopped off for so long But I have my face That God always here with me I pray a lot I know blessings don’t come over night But I hold on to my faith Knowing someday everything going to be alright I would love to be one of your Winners. I can get me home. Pay all my bills. Put money up my grandkids for kids I wouldn’t have to worry anymore I’m still gonna always have someone else I know how It is To struggle To lose sleep crying Don’t know what to do Just do the best you can And thank God For being there for you no matter what I live on A fixed income I just to make it by the grace of God I really need help with my family Everything I have told you is true. My daughter is sick She have 2 kids A9 year old and a8 mileO They are depending on me Its so hard How to have a lot of more grandkids too All together I had 27 grams And one on the way And use it was no problem To help my family And I help other people too That’s the truth When I became disabled My whole life fell apart Trying to struggle and take care of my children But I made it by the grace of God. But I’m still struggling My partner 25 yearsPassed away So I head that way the kids alone 7 of them But I love them With all of my heart I am very kind to other people I think of others before I think of myself If I had $5 For each time I have no legal I will be in a Millionaire long time ago I help people From my heart God gave me a good heart But now I need help There’s no one there to help me So I would like to be a winner Thank you PChFor giving out of us this opportunity To become Winners. God bless all of you. Good luckTo all of us who is still waitingPS Hope to hear from you soon BarbaraBrown Number 3080. God blesses all. T

  8. Donna McCoy says:

    I won’t get discouraged ! Discouraged isn’t in my vocabulary because I’m a Prize Patrol fan !

  9. Becky Soukup says:

    I hope that I win .we need a handcap assable home.

  10. Dear Publishing Clearing House I think everything you’re doing is wonderful You Helped so many people To have a new beginning on life For so many years I can express myself enough But I thank you a blessing to a lot of people I know I am one. I’ve been Entering You are sweepstakes Every since I was 22 Now I am 53Years old And I haven’t gave up I would love to be a winner It without me and my family few minutes late I have stuff that for a long time And still haven’t made it nowhere It would mean so much to me To be a winner That would be a great blessing to me and my family It will make Me the happiest person in the world I wouldn’t know what to doI know its not only me Its many of us Who need a blessing So thank you PCH I give it all of us this opportunity To enter in your suite States Every year God bless all of you. Good luck to all of us was still waiting. PS Hope to hear from you soon Barbara brown. Number 3080. God blesses all

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