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  1. Elijah L. says:

    Bless all of you.

  2. Gary Ruble says:

    I Gary Ruble confirm my winning the $5000 a week forever prize from PCH! Thank you so much pch! I can help my 70yr old mom now financially. Also buy my fiance a country home with a white picket fence and the were getting married. And now I can build a church for Jesus Christ from a barn like I always dreamed of doing. I have advice for my fellow searchers don’t give up on your dreams of winning. Cause you could be next! I knew it was going to take prayer, persistence, determination, and a lot land a lot of faith in God! I won yahoooo! Can’t wait to meet you guys on Feb 27,2015 prize patrol when you come to 721 water st west Sacramento California 95605! I drove this win home to 721 water st west Sacramento California 95605 ! You guys really changed my life my 5 star friends pch!

  3. Laura A. says:

    Am I going to be the lucky winner this time around I hope so. Let my dream come true.

  4. caroline himesu says:

    Are you coming to Florida please !!!! This is Caroline Himes ,I’m sure praying for my turn please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you and good luck who ever wins

  5. i have been trying to win for over 38 years. my stepmother died in 1986, my brother in 2007, My husband passed in 2011 and my Dad passed in 2012 , i have three stepdaughters, one son and grandchildren, My real mother is sick, I would love to help her. my husband was an artist, who taught for an art school in N.Y. he helped and guided a lot of students from various cultures, when he passed the president of the school put in a scholarship fund for other students that i would love to contribute in his honor. Life has not been easy for me, but i truly hope the Publishers Clearing House will give me a chance. I am a artist, and i would love to give PCH one of my paintings, and one of my late husbands paintings, to hang in their offices, PCH has helped a lot of people, I feel that everybody deserves to win.

  6. roy casdorph says:

    my mom alway played pch ever since i can remember i have been playing so long i a im getting to old to play much longer 63 and holding

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