PCH Prize Patrol Billboard

PCH Prize Patrol Billboard

7 thoughts on “PCH Prize Patrol Billboard”

  1. Thankyou for Listening Pch wins

  2. I can sure use this break, to win on August 29th PCH 1830

  3. I’m waiting to be the next winner of the August 29 Pch Advant

  4. Rachael Earley says:

    My gosh I wish something like this could happen too me!! Its been a tough few years… and a struggle for my family trying to make ends meet. I lost a very important part of my family my father, but the best way to look at that is I gained a very special angel to watch over myself my fiance and my beautiful 2 year old daughter! Im trying to teach her that your dreams can come true and that you can never give up!!! And I will not give up on my hopes and dreams!!

  5. ROBERT GECOMA says:

    am excited with the odds I now have fo being a big winner

  6. john berry says:

    Oh, your teasing me again, or maybe not. I’m not giving up either way folk’s. lol

    1. john berry says:

      I still mean it too!!!

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