Forever Prize is Back

Forever Prize is Back

58 thoughts on “Forever Prize is Back”

  1. Jacqueline Oliver says:

    I am willing to accept any prize that is offered by PCH. I ENJOY PLAYING THE GAMES AND LOTTO/


  2. Jose Reyes says:

    PCH go ahead say it, ” Jose Reyes you have won” from you’re lips to Gods ears.

  3. Jmorales says:

    Pch I would like to win really would

  4. Tim Melton says:

    I need a big check to help everybody, please put my name on it!

    1. Pray and Make A Wish Friend and Always Remember This:”It is A Blessing to Receive!” Just A Fan that know PCH is Real! So on that note: “Stay in it to Win it! God Bless!

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