PCH Winner Danielle

John Wyllie, winner of our first-ever "Forever" Prize!

16 thoughts on “PCH Winner Danielle”

  1. Danielle Miller says:

    I would love for the blessings of Jesus to allow me to be blessed with your offerings that would change my life forever in such a positive way for myself give merge chance to be able to bless others by gifting them in the way that all if you have blessed and gifted me with the winning number , LORD GOD you truly know what I need for my life so I leave it all up to what you want for me in my life you will give me everything that I need to be what you want for me to be serving you always , so I truly have faith in what findings The Lord has for my new life serving only him always ,I believe in faith that all of you will see clearly that just how much the winnings would serve in only blessings through and though if I have the winning number I wouldn’t be the only winner and would be so very honored to give back by gifting my church and many more charities etc, beautiful blessings from The Lord came true for all of us bedside I was gifted the winning number !!!!! Thanks and GOD Bless to all of you responsible in making all of my dreams come true and giving me a NEW DREAM LIFE that provides me with plenty of money for myself and to go around believe me being able to gift many others in my blessing for from the good lord above and from all of the authors behind this to make all my dreams come true thanks for the chance to live just a little with comfort and no worries of money in my new way of living in comfort only and give the rest to people in need just like myself do that they mat feel that comfort of living by not having to have money worries anymore !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Shaniqua Lottie says:

    It would be such an honor to meet the prize patrol team for the very 1st time.I have thoughts about you guys knocking at my door all the time in El Dorado,AR.It would be a true blessing to see a young mother like me win on April 30,2014 it would be a life changing moment for me and my family..#BestOfLuckToEveryone


  4. Carlos Borrero says:

    Would will be nice see you Dannielle soom.

  5. Carlos Borrero says:

    add your comment here

  6. Vicki Weaver says:

    Danieli,Thank you so much for the hope youall have given me. I have had adepreeion problem in the past. But not since you guys gave me something to hope for. I have been having so much fun with PCH. MAY GOD PUT YOUR VAN ON WINGS OF ANGELS WHERE EVER YOU GO AND PROTECT ALLOF YOU.THANK AGAIN.

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