Meet The Newest Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize Winner!

Congratulations to Sherry Seltman, PCH Winner from Gilman City, Missouri!

Newest PCH SuperPrize Winner Sherry Seltman

Some PCH Blog readers complain that the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol never visits “cities.” Still others complain that we never visit “small towns”. Well, on June 30 we satisfied both critics. We went to Gilman City, MO — literally a “city,” but one of the smallest towns I can recall visiting: population 383. So is everybody happy?

Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize winner Sherry Seltman certainly is. We knocked on her door and presented her with a Big Check — for $1 Million! Watch the emotional winning moment video below:

At first there were tears and hugs. Then we asked Sherry: “Do you believe it?“ — to which she replied, “No, I can’t!“ More tears and hugs. Then we presented her with a real check for $25,000.00 to show Sherry that we were serious. That convinced her and daughter and grandsons standing by that this was “for real.” Minutes later Sherry’s husband John came in from the fields, which the Seltmans have farmed for decades. At first he didn’t believe it either; but after he joined us inside and everyone caught their breath, he believed it too: Real people really win really Big Checks from PCH.

Newest Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize Winner Sherry Seltman

Sherry had been “under the weather” recently and needed some cheering up.  Well, we did it: there’s nothing like roses, balloons and a Big Check from PCH to lift one’s spirits.

Sure, she might not have slept too well the first night after the excitement of becoming the newest Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize winner, but I’m sure she awoke the next morning happier and very grateful that she had the good sense to enter the PCH Sweepstakes no matter what.

Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize Winner

How about you? Will you have the good sense to keep entering “no matter what“?  We certainly hope so. There are lots more prizes to be won — prizes worth hundreds, thousands and millions of dollars!

So don’t delay! Enter today and every day. And before long the PCH Prize Patrol could knock on your door and announce, “You are a winner in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!”

Congratulations Sherry! We wish you — and all you blog readers out there — the very best.


Dave Sayer PCH

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

224 thoughts on “Meet The Newest Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize Winner!”

  1. Tashawna Cooper says:

    Please activate my entry.. Tashawna!
    And since Tashawna is an elite SuperSearcher, and can claim not 1, not 2, but 3 extra rewards today:

    1. $1 Million SuperPrize® Entry
    (PCH Giveaway No. 495O)
    2. $5,OOO.OO Online Exclusive Cash Prize Entry
    (PCH Giveaway No. 6O21)
    3. 1,OOO Bonus Token Rush

  2. Dave Love to Meet you Feeling Groovy Dance Around With me Forever Strawberry

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  4. Corrie Malone says:

    I wish I could be the one giving out the checks! What an awesome job! How could anyone ever be sad bringing all that joy for a living! Well done!!

  5. Carla Michelle Antee of Natchitoches LA

  6. dear sir, claiming the superprizes #3048-0421-7389, GWY #4900 and pepsi billion sweeps giveaway #3080 and American express savings account at $1.5 billion. thanks, thanks,asking for entries win. please activate confirming and processing for prizes and super win. asking for the congrats today. asking you to write and call soon. thanks, happy sunday, thanks, iris Campbell.

  7. Kimberly Weeks says:

    PCHSweeps Dream LP Gwy No 3080 waiting Come see Me Ma 10,000W

  8. Victoria Williams says:

    So happy for her and her family! Hopefully, the next time it will be me in the “PCH Superprize” winner’s seat!

  9. ethankcarla m Antee For Life my says:

    Pch Newest Winner Carla Michelle Antee Dream Life Prize Gwy No 308O

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