Newest PCH SuperPrize Winner Sherry Seltman

Newest PCH SuperPrize Winner Sherry Seltman

16 thoughts on “Newest PCH SuperPrize Winner Sherry Seltman”

  1. vanetta says:

    if I won the big prize I would purchase my mom a house.

  2. Congrats Sherry Next Winner Revealed Mega Wife Carla Michelle Antee One Million Plus 5000.00 For Life Gwy No 1830

  3. Ricky moser says:

    I claim all and every rights to my #4900 forever aug 31 2015 #4950 dispatch van

  4. Linda D Fi says:

    I’m so anxious and want to be a winner because I’m handicapped and need a vehicle that will have a ramp to drive the electric wheel chair.So many places that I can’t go would change I want to pay on a mortgage on my church and have a elevator put in for the senior citizens and handicap people.

  5. Karen Borquez says:

    I’m ready to claim this prize of Win It All/ I could help so many charties-Animal for abuse animals-Cancer patients adults and children- St. Judes -Childrens Hospitals my chuch my family and all my grandchildren pay for there college. Like I said ready to see you park at my Apts with flowers champagne Balloons. Thank you PCH and staff for all you have given us chances to win…..

  6. Congratulations to winner , now I’m ready to feel that feeling to be a winner

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