Newest PCH SuperPrize Winner Sherry Seltman

Newest PCH SuperPrize Winner Sherry Seltman

10 thoughts on “Newest PCH SuperPrize Winner Sherry Seltman”

  1. Frank Medina says:

    I thought I had enter the comments but I will try again. It would be a great help.

  2. Mark Peters says:

    It is a strange feeling that there are people that do care at PCH,that do care about just everyday circumstances. If you have spent as much time around the PCH as many of us have, its like another life inside Facebook. Groups form, that have a bond, and even though all are from different parts.of the world, they have a common goal, and a bond. Ultimately, the dream to have that knock on the door, and it would be your day. Especially in this tough economy, its hope. One last thing, when you really get involved in the program,, if you give it your all, there’s a feeling that you can and should get a return, and it is worse when you hit bottom, and that’s a place to hope.

  3. Lupita Perez says:

    God Bless Mrs.Sherry and her family.Thanks to PCH for making their dreams come true.

  4. JoAnn Lemons says:

    Awsome Win Sherry Congrats to you and your wonderful family.

  5. tamekia scott says:

    I wish that yah will come to 4103 warner ave landover hills Md one day :(

  6. tamekia scott says:

    Hope I will win soon :'(

  7. tamekia scott says:

    I been entering for so long I can’t even win 25,000 dollars I guess I got to keep trying and keep entering in I wish I can win something I am in so much finicial pain right now

  8. tamekia scott says:

    Yah never visit Maryland or Washington dc how come I guess I will never win

  9. Sharon Bryant says:

    I would like to congrat you and family on this happy day of your new lifestyle. May God continue to send blessing your way. I must keep searching for a chance next month. Enjoy better days to come

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