Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize Winner

Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize Winner

52 thoughts on “Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize Winner”

  1. Kimberly weeks says:

    yes i want to win it all june 30 2015!!
    4900 3080 4902 4749 4650 5220 3818 3577 4950 cash prizes bonuses 2,000,000 plus more!!!

  2. Abraham V. Vinzant says:

    Yes, winning the supper prize it will be a life saver. I thank you all for the chance to try to win.

  3. Hope i win doing all games good luck

  4. lisamorada says:

    Today,3/7/15. I’ve been waiting for the mail to come with the superprize# envelope like I did waited on February 27/15.Ever Since 1990 in Rodeo California I had been receiving weekly pch envelopes and mailing it back. I’m wishing the pch will send already the superprize# envelope. I am daily playing and answering same questions from sponsors too. We are all in dark clouds. We don’t know who will win. Even maybe we work hard, if there’s no superprize# to match in their Range List we aren’t going to win. May the lucky person use the million$$$ wisely and to help the poorest of all. God bless and protect us who travels daily.+++LM

  5. Joseph Miohalich says:

    Tracking report PCHO5OO5. I received this e-mail, but it won’t let me confirm. What gives?

  6. Janet Cox says:

    This is for Moiques Vaquez , your apparently playing sweep stakes only. There’s more to than you can see. I don’t guess you have heard of the scratch off’s. They are instant win games (IWG). The winning is either in tokens or money, whitch one you win is up to your luck. Next time do a little more research next time. Then you won’t show your real intelligence next time.

    I would love to win, but of course everyone hopes for the same. With similar yet different reasons.

  7. it would be a blessing to pay off some of my credit depts. i’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  8. stella hendon says:

    im watching for you prize patrol have been for over twenty years. thank you so much we are in great need and this would be such a great blessing. thank you

  9. stella hendon says:

    all i could say would be praise the lord and thank you very much. its so needed. im looking forward to seeing the prize patrol. thank you

  10. dianne says:

    Its my turn…. ck me out. 2011 was a very bad year…understatement .

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