How To Play PCH Prize Pursuit – NEW On The PCH Fan Page!

Hello PCH Friends! I’m excited to tell you all about PCH Prize Pursuit, the newest way to win on the Publishers Clearing House Fan Page on Facebook!

Play PCH Prize Pursuit

PCH Prize Pursuit is an engaging trivia game that captures the excitement of following the Prize Patrol on the road across the USA, while giving you chances to enter for the highly-anticipated August 29th “Forever” Prize Award, PLUS chances to win up to $25,000 instantly.

Yes, you can get a “Forever” Prize entry every day and there are instant winners daily! It’s a blast and so easy to get started! Watch Danielle’s video below:

1. Go to the Publishers Clearing House Fan Page on Facebook Click the PCH Prize Pursuit Icon. (The first time you play, you may see a request to access your public profile and email address. Click OK.) Then, click Play Now.

PCH Prize Pursuit

2. Next you will see a map of the United States broken into 6 different regions: The East Coast, The South, The Midwest, The Southwest, the West Coast and The Aloha Frontier.  Click on the different regions to find the Prize Patrol.

PCH Prize Pursuit on PCH Fan Page

3.  Once you’ve located the Prize Patrol, you’ll be presented with a trivia question pertaining to that region. The questions are in multiple-choice format with three options.  If you’re unsure of the answer, never fear! You can click the “Stumped” button to visit PCHSearch&Win and search for the right answer. After you’ve found it, you can return, answer it correctly and submit your answer.

Search&Win Stumped Page For PCH Prize Pursuit

4. Now you’ll have the opportunity to share your question with your friends on Facebook. (Go ahead! Your friends could be thanking you for introducing them to PCH Prize Pursuit!) Continue to receive your instant-win opportunity and confirmation of your “Forever” Prize entry.

That’s all there is to it! Really, what could be better than testing your trivia knowledge while getting entries for amazing PCH Prizes??

Make sure you keep playing and entering every day! After all, on August 29th, the Prize Patrol will definitely hit the road to award “$5,000 A Week “Forever” to a lucky winner, so you’ll want to get as many entries as possible. I’m sure you’ll agree that PCH Prize Pursuit is a great way to have fun, connect with friends AND get chances to win a Publishers Clearing House fortune!

Good luck!


Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. You can even play PCH Pursuit on your mobile device! Watch Danielle take you through the steps in the video below!

P.P.S. Be sure to check out today’s Play&Win blog for a special behind-the-scenes peek at PCH employees getting their game on!

63 thoughts on “How To Play PCH Prize Pursuit – NEW On The PCH Fan Page!”

  1. David Webb says:

    Hello to all who are waiting patiently for the announcement of which #PCH Fan won the big contest. I’ll share a little Tid bit with everybody. Sunday/Father’s Day/ I was on Facebook looking at all the posts from #PCH employees, specifically Dave Sayer, Prize Patrol Elite, and somebody,i say that as I don’t think it was the “Dave Sayer” from #PCH, however, it showed his pic with the heading from #PCH,and the message was saying that he was congradgulating me as i was the winner of the $7k wk for life contest along with a lump sum payout of $45.000.00, and he asked me if i had my activation and confirmation card? I didn’t know what that was, specifically, and the reply back(there were 4 back and forth replies)was that i had to go to a retailer(Smith’s,Walgreens,Walmart, ect, there were all the logos from these retailers, he said to pick one, and go there and buy a card that would cost me $299.95. He said that he needed this to confirm me, as the winner of this contest. As i said, there were 4 messages to me from this person,during the course of the day starting earlier and up till approx 8:30p(mdt), He said that they were on the road, heading to my area, and i needed to have this before they arrived. I got excited for a minute, then I started to think about this fee that had to be paid in order to confirm me as the “Official Winner”. Now I don’t think that there are any fees associated to be paid, in order to win, other than the Tax responsibility on the winnings. I had checked the rules and couldn’t see anything in regard to this “fee for confirmation of winnings”. Nonetheless, I received all along this past month stating that somebody in Taylorsvile Utah, with the initials “DW” was going to win. However, I’m sure most of the Fans who are replying to all their own official emails from #PCH said the same thing, but with their initials. Anyhow, I didn’t go and purchase a card, and they never arrived at my home. I guess the point I was wanting to make, that it was pretty “dirty” for this message sequence from this person, to me as I faithfully respond in the timely manner, from #PCH”s, requests on all these contests, so I thought that I might actually have won something, which, if I do, and these messages really were from “DAVE Sayer” PRIZE Patrol Elite member, then i sincerely applogize, and yes give me the Cash. I guess the disappointment with subside, and I will keep responding and entering these contests, as You can’t win if you don’t enter. Anyway, good luck to all and we will see who gets the cash. Everybody take care and be safe. By the way, these messages are on my FB Page if anybody wants to see them. Despair was in the air a moment, but keeping positive is the only way to handle that emotion. God Bless everybody.

  2. Patricia Schultz says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I wish pch would
    make my dreams come true.
    Sincerely Patricia SCHULTZ

  3. Chris Holley says:

    PCh fans ,PCh cheating me out of over15000 tokens,wow ,have ya noticed no dark skin in the PCh team no Danville,Alabama winner yet ,stay tuned for eye opening post

  4. Chris Holley says:

    We know how ur promises of the Danville,Alabama guaranteed winner of that person with the initials C H as beginning initials in their first AMD last name as the winner of ur largest prize ever awarded,never happened last time ,now I got exactly the same promise fro you PCh ,will you be true to ur word this time or lie against your fan’

  5. Chris Holley says:

    I am mix ,Irish and Cherokee no Irish winner in a while I bet ither

  6. Chris Holley says:

    Have ya noticed the winners are by far lighter skinned as a majority for sure,no native American tribe member has won ,no Cherokee winners or team members hired as c..e.o’ or prize patrol they may surprise me ,but Iam not holding my breath,till they do,with a major win ,stay tuned ,till they surprise me,????I have endless questions to post

  7. Chris Holley says:

    Who knows,maby I might win a big major prize and get to appologize,plus I might get brought on as a prize patrol or member,but I haven’t held my breath till it happens?????

  8. Chris Holley says:

    Have ya noticed how light skinned the winners are for majority ,even the PCh prize patrol team ,all light skinned??? I still have seen a win from any of my entries only broken promises,I will keep u post till it happens,PCh fan’….
    ..I have plenty of questions,endless actually …..

  9. Chris Holley says:

    No Hispanic or blacks or dark skin on the PCh prize patrol team ??? Stay tuned I have just began to open your eyes PCh fan’ my on time elgiable entries keep getting overlooked, discrimination i think?

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