PCH Prize Pursuit

PCH Prize Pursuit

51 thoughts on “PCH Prize Pursuit”

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    I’m On the Prize Patrol Pursuit

  2. Josephine Bell way to go!

  3. Mark Crist says:

    I hope some body wins this that can use it to better them selfs . Thank you for the chance to win

  4. Peggy DiLiberto says:

    I love all the comments !

  5. Peggy DiLiberto says:

    This is interesting, the one thing that is great are reading other individual’s posts.

  6. I wish that I could win especially during these Hard times,when I’m Barely being able to pay my bills on time, living from paycheck to paycheck.

  7. paula johnson says:

    I am tired of playing and answering the email am doing this for years Would be nice to win right now . Just lost my job will probably have my house taken from me . I am 60 years old very hard to find job. To win would be a life saver. Would be able to pay my bill and not loose my house and everything else I have. I always see the winners be having a lot never see it go to some one that poor .or is about to loose everything they have. Get back to me soon they are ready to shut my cell phone off. Would like to know who has won.

  8. earl law says:

    is this the site?

  9. earl law says:

    add your comment here

  10. LEE CAYER says:


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