Congratulations to Redemption Center Winners!

What a great way to start the week — celebrating our latest winners on with loyal fans like you. These 20 lucky folks cashed in their gaming tokens to go for — and WIN — some incredible prizes at the Redemption Center!

Judy E. from Clearbrook, MN
Carol R. from Kronenwetter, WI
Oscar G. from Donna, TX
P. Lawyer from Winter Springs, FL
D. Wardell from Eugene, OR
C. Clark from Easton, PA
P. Weber from Hayward, WI
D. Evans from Port St. Lucie, FL
S. Larkins from Hackensack, NJ
J. Tumahai from Orlando, FL
V. Spear from Chattahoochee, FL
M. Simmons from Ocean, NJ
G. Stokes-Chance from Dorchester, MA
L. Dieter from Quincy, CA
B. Rottenberg from Skokie, IL
J. Atkinson from Columbus, IN
P. O’Connor from Pottstown, PA
D. Montague from Philadelphia, PA
R. May from Lakeland, GA
A. Braithwaite from Lafayette Hill, PA
D. Dimmick from Bethlehem, PA
S. Peters from Allen Park, MI

This month’s winners got gift cards to popular places like iTunes, Domino’s Pizza, McDonald’s and Wal Mart … other lucky winners got a Silver Apple® iPod Shuffle … Kindle™ Fire™ HD Tablet … 32” LG LCD HDTV and even a Cuisinart® “Chef’s Classic” 10-Piece Cookware Set!



Summertime reminds me of those nights at the carnival with the cotton candy, thrilling rides, and those brightly lit arcade games that always looked so easy. But once you started to play, they were pretty darn hard to win!  I knew I could always fall back on trusty Skee-Ball to rack up some points, and the biggest thrill of the night was to redeem my coupons for fun prizes at the end!

The prizes we’re giving away at the Redemption Center are way more exciting than a kewpie doll! And it doesn’t cost you a cent to play our entire arcade of fun games and scratch offs and earn lots of tokens!

Redemption Center Winners

So get started today and try your hand! Check out the Redemption Center to see some of the exciting prizes that are guaranteed to be awarded at the end of the month!

We’ll even give you a head start when you register with Simply fill out the registration form and we’ll award you 1,000 tokens automatically to be banked to your account. And every time you enter the PCH Sweepstakes, you get 250 tokens, too!

The next drawing is coming up at the end of this month, so start playing and earning tokens and maybe you’ll be one of our next Redemption Center winners! It’s just a TOKEN of our appreciation to our fans out there!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

114 thoughts on “Congratulations to Redemption Center Winners!”

  1. vikki berry says:

    Ive tried to redeem my tokens. O.e thing will say I only have so many left. The next day, the token count is. the same as it was before I used the tokens .

  2. I’ve been with pch for a very very long time and never won a dam thing tokens what a joke !!!!!! Your tokens a worthless spend your tokens on a chance to WIN a gift card or other stuff you don’t get your stuff anyway to m it’s a big huge joke …….

    1. Don Johnson says:

      Yes I agree with you Patrica I have been playing and entering 12 hrs a day! I have entered everything every day as I’m retired I have won nothing? I’m going to stop wasting my time at the end of the month. Good luck if you keep playing I concede, Thanks Don J

  3. joseph weathersby says:

    token redeem again

  4. cindy harlan says:

    What do we do with all these tokens,please let me know!

  5. Tammy Daniels says:

    I’m praying I win something I really believe in this I’m faithful and loyal to this website and app

  6. Sharon says:

    I am trying to redeem my tokens please tell me how

    1. Don Johnson says:

      Sharon just go to the token redemtion center and enter them! Thanks Don J

  7. Sandra l. says:

    I been with PCH for years’ I have won 2 checks; from them not the big one yet they are real I am in it to win it.

  8. Allison Greene says:

    even if u get to redeem your tokens, its a joke! you don’t actually get anything, you “spend” your tokens on a “chance “to get the item. you don’t actually get the items they show; just another entry for a chance to get it. stupid & a waste of time.

    1. Don Johnson says:

      Allison what I get a kick out of is half the games don’t work? The claw game on the instant never works on my system? So that way you can’t get into the vault and get the bonus? On the home games the #5,ooo dollar one has never worked. Again you can’t get into the bonus vault! Good luck Don:

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