16 thoughts on “Carnival”

  1. I want to play your games ive been trying every day they have just been taking it from me your not even posting my coment

  2. I like the games hear on the pch site they give you prizes and and way to win by searching the web ypu just have to know where to search so enter and play

  3. I like it here I just dont like going to the the where ever those guys are you put in the ansewer rooms because theycheat and steel I want to win but where can I write in privacey to get my suff in

  4. I wrote the new one and they took it again what do you want me to do its there wor againat my word whose word are you going to believe I wish It wpuld be mine but they work for you so what am I sasposta do. Tellll me how I can fix this because they take every thing and put something in its place and make me look like a fool do you think im just causeing troubleor do you beleive me because I dont lie onperporess so send me some thing I can do.

  5. Play search and win a life time of points tokens games and prizes

  6. Hope I win I need this to finalize every thing for me so I can get playing on the games and search afor a while

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