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  1. Donna Potter says:

    Good morning PCH Elite prize Patrol I would like to respond to today’s notices of it’s up to you entry giveaway 6900 5000 a week forever also other notices in reference to 6900 giveaway 5000 week forever final step Ect ect ect accept my acknowledgment and acceptance to prize number Register, activate, deposit and securite through your systems procedures as eligible to win thank you for all the winning opportunities I’d also like to respond two entries $10,000 giveaway 7029 please validate each and all the aforementioned through your systems procedures as eligible to win! Looking forward to seeing you soon hopefully June 30th if not August 31st thank you so much for all the opportunities sincerely
    Donna . Potter

  2. james jantz says:

    ready to win bring it on. thanks pch.

  3. Yes I would like to win the $10,000 to pay some bills Thank

  4. Brenda L Falcon says:

    Im claim my prize gwy 7029

  5. Brenda L Falcon says:

    I claim my entries gwy 7029 10,000.00

  6. brenda m says:

    I want to win it all gwy no 6900 gwy no 5,000.00 wk for life grand prize bonus special early look, i am a loyal sweepstake van.gwy no 6085 prize patrol elite team, ready to win it all

  7. Miriam Sosa says:

    Hi Hello Thank You so Much for everything Yuo do for us thank’s I have Dream and I see Miriam for first time very very Happy for all these chances, a mind Life Changing OMG I really need Help I’m very all 69 yrs old and I have to much in my back Please Help me if is posible PCH❤️FOREVER IN MY❤️

  8. Activate $10,000.00 gwy. 7233 claim

  9. ‘Claim gwy. No. 7874 $3,000.00

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