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  1. Nayda says:

    Congratulations Danielle!

  2. harriet hampton says:

    I would love to be a winner,and believe so many others want to be able to experience the chance of becoming a winner,I have so many dreams of starting a college fund for my grandchildren,and helping out people in need.I believe if it”s meant for me,God will make it happen.Whatever his will is for my life I’m all for it.God said ask and it shall be given,seek and you shall find,knock and the door shall be open.And i strongly believe in God’s word,because he has my best interest.

  3. I would love to win . Like I say. I like a lot of ppl on here it would help me in a lot of aways. But the one thing most of all ANC the main reason I would love this is I would to get meet the three of you Todd Daniel. Omg I forgot her name. I’m sorry. But I could meet u guys n do a lot if I win the $ 5,000.00 a week forever.

  4. Roby Bessent says:

    It would be great to WIN PCH

  5. 11733gulf beech hwy penscola fla 32507 says:

    well ite about over my life chaing one way are another,iv realy had fun learen a lot,learn if you want something you have to wor hare dream big dont listen to no one keep on trying you eaither win it all are not but ite true if you dont enter you want win. thankes pch for giving this little granny a chance at dreaming big wone last time may you all be bless,,i will for every rember you and what you stan for your great people who get look over most of the time for the good you do in thid world so thankes for all of my freindes @felloweres playeres who help me ,thanke again for the chance in a life time diane wyatt.

  6. Kim Cooper says:

    Good Morning America wishing everydaystarts off to be like this one I can tell now its going to be a beautiful day so good luck everybody and have a great day

  7. Good luck to everyone and oh dear lord let me be the winner of this PCH sweepstakes on August 28th,AMEN!!!!! Then I would be on the front page of the paper,WOW,headlines Danielle Miller won it all, Forever , X’s 2 legacy ,PCH SWEEPSTAKES. Hooray!!!!!

  8. Bill says:

    Bless all of you and PCH for this sweepstakes opportunity. Good luck to everyone entered.

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