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  1. Hi pch well u have great people my game for the 13th i let pch no what happen and i feel better i talked to a staff debbie she is great ive enter more 8800 my 10k i just want to say thank u pch and getting back to me u no i want to win iam trying so hard to get my deadlines met so pch i told u u guys and r great u help people alot and were its my last of 6900 ill miss my chances for my dream o well maybe it will happen another way but not as if i win my 5k a week ok team got my work to do thanks again if u ever have any more things i can get in to email me i want my 10.000 from front page were i can get all my answers from pch

  2. Hi pch thank u for my 2 x entries glad i got it iam going for every chance this game i still going for 8800 and my 6900 pch my 13ths game i guess i must have got something in but ill call today it would not load but i also claiming my 10.0000 a week the mkz 50.0000 nice but pch most of all want to win hope i even can hit the lotto so pch team ill be playing as much as i can iam a winner who wants to win this 1 and 8924 wow so many as a vip iam doing good was happy to see my name up on that email now to get the winners list and pch u made my dream happen hope as i said let my numbers match i need to win there is so so much i want to do with my life and pch can make it happen o dave u r hard to dunk lol god i get close well i hope god gives me the faith and blesses me with luck thank u so much lisa k love u guys

  3. I’m looking forward to you knocking at my door #4900 I can be healed at hospital no more pain a home never own one and I vehicle pull up my DMV no car or truck it’s a dream come true 5 children 5 grandchildren Plus more on the way I’m in so much need thank you PCH

  4. Pch I’m claiming a FrontPage winner list entry for gwy#6900–forever lifetime prize
    The gwy#6900–dream home and cash gwy
    The gwy#6900–10,000.00 a week for a lifetime
    The double your money gwy#4944
    The gwy#4950–dream home and cash gwy
    The gwy#8186–ford f150 truck Hunter green
    The gwy#8035–dream home and cash gwy
    The bouns cash entry Gwy#8035–cash superprize entry Gwy
    The bouns cash entry Gwy#8800–gwy#6902–gwu#8186

    Thanks pch Happy New Year
    J.comfort Arlington, tx

  5. Good morning pch and team still going for 6900 also entered for 10.000 from front page getting game 8800 really want to get that 5k a week 2 24 love the mkz nice but also happy for that email we all or who got it can use more i got my night #s in thank god but still need to call u tommorrow the 13ths game was errr could not load it page kept showing a white screen and that in the connor i hope i was not the only 1 who hade that happen pch was haveing problems iam still in pch i want this win team lynn mass is hopeing i win but in gods hands but ill play out my last after a couple years its hard to many and mass has hade not hade winners not in lynn so pch i want my dream i play cuz iam believeing maybe this year will do it so 6900 and all other chances i get iam on it but pch make it happen god with luck it could be me i hope someone god brings me luck i can do so much pch i need this i hope team u come so ya god bless if not me but iam a winner and want this game i hope for the best let it be me the help i can give my bills and my home a place ill stay than pass it down so pch lisa wants it i want to win win. So let this womens dreams happen let the #s match thanks team for all our games and pch iam going to try my last year and would be nice my b day that month o so much for 2 24 going on it would be a blessing if i win o please god shine on me get me a home i need a live god wanted me to have thanks again pch