9,297 thoughts on “Frontpage”

  1. linda leamy says:

    pch#3080 winner 1 million lum sum plus 5/k a wk for life sep 18th linda120lee im waiting

  2. Rowjester Henderson says:

    I want to WIN the Ten Million Dollar

  3. linda leamy says:

    did I win 10 million ??? linda120lee

  4. Harry Wall says:

    II’ve had a lot of fun playing the game but overtime I go to front page it says I’ve already played to much.
    I don’t get it is frontpage only for news updates or am I doing something wrong.
    The lord only knows how bad my family and I could use this!
    Can anyone help please I just want a fair chance !

  5. linda leamy says:

    claim pch#3080 winner 10 million sep 18th linda120lee

  6. Rosemary Taylor says:

    What a miracle If only Pch would come to our door !! Amen Amen !!

  7. Harry Brown says:

    I would love to see the pch truck arrive at my front.

  8. linda leamy says:

    pch#3080 or pch#1830 selection winner list winner 10 million sep 18th I will be here thank you I hope I win linda120lee

  9. paulone mcpherson-thomas says:

    Oh yes, I do like that comment & I hope I can win ALL that MONIES… I would pay off ALL of my BILL$ & buy me a house.. And take care of my mom & move her in with me…

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