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  1. Teresa Dalr says:

    Love that PCH is gone paperless!!

  2. I read the front page for interesting coverage on everything, interesting facts! I will be blessed someday…. ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆♡♡♡ Love it.. or leave it! “LOVE IT” thank you PCH! IM GREATFULL… 🙂

  3. Barbara Brewer says:

    If i were to be lucky enough to win $7000./wk for life, i would have to pay back the government, for assisting me with my housing, food and medical.i owe them A LOT of will probably take about a year to pay everything back(if they let me keep $500./Wk. Then, when the all paid back, i be able to live the rest of my years,independently. I am a mature, disabled woman.

  4. Bianca Harris says:

    I enjoy my time on pch every time I log on,I can search for all events and news I’m interested in , it has amazing offers and deals .Im becoming a family member of their Personel own.;)I love the website and sweeps:

  5. Justa Valdes says:

    I play every single day I love the frontpage I hope I will soon justa valdes sunrise florida 10 19 2013

  6. joan shaw says:

    i love pch frontpage it very intrested it have some good infomation i will always go on frontpage j s

  7. Pch fronfpage gives the best information for what’s hot and what’s not. Games prizes and even superprizes. I make it my numbed one search place.

  8. joan shaw says:

    august 12\2012 to octobe14/20w13 i want to i love publishing clearing house

  9. Cordia Sweet says:

    I did not say that before! Please unsubscribe me fro front page

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