PCHFrontPage daily entry into PCH Sweepstakes

PCHFrontPage daily entry into PCH Sweepstakes

813 thoughts on “PCHFrontPage daily entry into PCH Sweepstakes”

  1. Celestina Strahle says:

    I just have to visualize that I already have this money win win win

  2. Venus Agustin says:


  3. Jesus Macias 3903 East Nevada Avenue Fresno California 93702 born in Orange County May 1st 1980 Social Security 5486 75498 I claim gwy3577. I authorize my signature my signature. JESUS MACIAS..hereby give my consent for them to use my portfolio pictures.o says:

    hi Dave I prize Patrol.I would love to win. ….I JESUS MACIAS has claimed PENDING selection Gwy. # 3577 my verification autorized

  4. paul milts says:

    I need money lots of money

  5. paul milts says:

    I need to win win win again

  6. paul milts says:

    I need to win big money cheer me on

  7. i want to win $250,000.00 a year for life. the answer to todays question what is Cassius Clay doing today. 1960 olympic gold boxer Cassius Clay encountered Malcolm X causing Cassius to convert his Christian religion to Islam and his birth name to Muhammad Ali. Cassius Clay now known as Muhammad Ali suffers from Parkinson’s disease. he can only whisper which is why he no longer does interviews. so many people suffer from parkinson’s disease, i hope the find a cure soon.

  8. Terri Shiflett says:

    Lord willing I would win this sweepsteaks. To help out my family and church family. I need to have the faith to win n that God would have it to be is will.

  9. Hilberto ozaeta says:

    unemployed, will use money to improve living standard for family.

  10. Terri Shiflett says:

    I really need to win this sweep steaks from pch. Am not able to work due to medical readons. Im very very desperate. Please let me win something.

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