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  1. Magdalena Manglallan says:

    I will be the next winner!

  2. Magdalena Manglallan says:

    I just want to win to pay off my house and rebuild a new home. Also to share my winning to the less fortunate.

  3. Ida Jones says:

    Yes I’m a winner for 5,000 a week for life. Dreams do come true even for the dream home to relocate closer to my children and grandchildren. Others dreams will come true through me as well so bring it on PCH PRIZE CONTROL!! Thanks in advance!!

  4. Hello. I just need to win to get out of debt and have a life again to enjoy.but most of all I need out of current location. is so misererase.plus want to claim entry for unclaimed and all else I was able to win on?le .good luck to all.and 25.000 for silver ace

  5. george steptoe says:

    iam the one that will win the 25000 b ok.

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