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  1. Diaz says:

    I devoted time every day and enjoy playing the games, reading HomePage,news etc. responding the correspondence from PCH. But,why you send me back a message that I do not respond.

    I am doing something wrong?
    I can not buy anything now, I am not working I was force to retire…My husband don’t work, is very difficult. My check from s.s.is just to pay all bills at home. When I play the games a release my stress. Thanks, for the opportunity…

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Diaz, the email message that you received is referring only to the entry opportunity contained in that email. All of your other timely entries are valid and will remain valid even if you don’t respond to the email. This email is simply offering you another winning opportunity.

      – Jussie W. at PCH

  2. Richard A. Smith says:

    Everybody good luck…..from # 3080

  3. demetrius Govotsos says:

    I like to thank pch in advance. Even I’m not winner, but I would love to be the next one. I will even treat you to coffee or soda. Thanks D.P Govotsos

  4. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    Wow!!! Thanks PCH for awarding me $5,000.00 Dollars a Week.. Much thanks, my name is Pauline McPherson-Thomas & im from Miami, Florida, hay guys remember my name because I am going to be the next winner come September 18, 2013… Thank you “GOD”!!!

  5. paulone mcpherson-thomas says:

    what, $5,000.00 Dollars a Week!! Oh yes I love this, everyone needs to know this is ALL my’s, let me tell the World my name is, Pauline McPherson-Thomas im from Miami, Florida… Everyone remember this name because it’s going to be plastic All over National TV has the Winner…

  6. Marion Hardeman says:

    Thanks again for making dreams a reality .You all are the greatest .

  7. michael lucero says:

    not only would a win help me but many more people in my life with college and other expenses.

  8. LindaTronetti says:

    ive waited and waited cant get any results my car is getting older and no money to buy a new one my teeth are falling out my home is going to shambles i need a new one pch help please

  9. Barbara says:


  10. Patricia Lee says:

    I would love to be free from stress which I have had for years. I could really stand to win ,

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