www.PCH.com/actnow Secure Pack Could Mean $5,000 A Week “Forever”

Hi, my wonderful PCH pals!

Here’s an exciting newsflash for YOU! Special Secure Packs with a www.pch.com/actnow  web address have been sent out from Publishers Clearing House, and they’re scheduled to be in folks’ mailboxes tomorrow, July 12th.

What’s the big deal with these Secure Packs?

Well, these Secure Packs can lead to an entry that will be added to the Final Winner Selection List for the BIG “Forever” Prize – the prize that’s guaranteed to be awarded on August 29th! The Final Winner Selection List is the official Publishers Clearing House record of entries that are eligible to win the “Forever” Prize on August 29th. Prior drawings have been conducted, but this will be the final winner determination for Giveaway #1830.

How big is this “Forever” Prize?

How about $5,000.00 a week for life – and after that, $5,000.00 a week for someone the winner chooses! So you see, getting a www.pch.com/actnow Secure Pack is a very big deal indeed!

And here’s the best part, my PCH pals: some of you may be receiving these special packs in the next few days … as soon as tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled.

To be on the safe side, let me show you what the Secure Pack will look like …

Here’s the outside – with a big red “IMPORTANT: Time Sensitive” under the PCH address. (To open the sealed pack, tear along the perforations on the sides and top.)

Head to www.pch.com/actnow

Here’s the inside, after you’ve opened the pack:

Enter the $5,000 a Week Forever sweeps!

As you can see, there’s a big red-and-white “WARNING” at the top. And at the bottom, there’s a unique ACTIVATION CODE printed prominently.

Layout 1

What should you do with this Secure Pack?

It’s simple! If you receive the pack, act fast and enter www.PCH.com/actnow into your Web browser or click the link in this blog. Then, when you get to the Web page, type in the ACTIVATION CODE inside the Secure Pack.

And voila! Your entry will be added to the Final Winner Selection List for our life-changing Forever Prize that is guaranteed to be awarded next month!

What happens if you don’t get a Secure Pack?

No worries! You can still go for our huge Forever Prize by visiting PCH.com. If you’re a frequent Web “surfer” (like me), use PCHSearch&Win.com and you’ll get a daily entry with your first search of the day — plus you can enter to win lots of exciting instant prizes, too. And for the most fun you’ve ever had entering a Sweepstakes, a visit to PCHGames.com is the place to be!

There you have it, my PCH pals! Starting tomorrow, check your mailbox to see if you’ve received a special www.PCH.com/actnow Secure Pack. But even if you don’t, make sure you enter to win $5,000.00 A Week FOREVER!

All the best,

Mary Beth H

P.S.  Be sure not to miss today’s Play&Win blog! Laurel will be sharing important information about PCHLotto and PCHGames you’ll definitely want to hear!

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