Head to www.pch.com/actnow

Head to www.pch.com/actnow

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  2. I pray everyday and I been playing games everyday I hope to win forever prize.

  3. Pch , Yes I Want To Win!

  4. hilllard moskowitz says:

    hillard moskowitz activation code PC212

  5. Columbus Kellam Sr. says:


  6. Linda Hawkins says:

    Well it passed the 30th of may so I haven’t won so its really appreciate for all the time for nothing

  7. Linda Hawkins says:

    Ok guys i need my money I’m tired of barley getting by I haven’t had a vehicle in 4 years and I’ve moved all my life I need money to buy land and build a home a shop to work on cars and a Music studio i am a Singer and Song Writer I am Afillated with BMI Nashville Tennessee it’s a long Story but i cut a 45 Record in 1986 my Master Tracks disappeared from the Studio and it took me until 2010 to get it made into a CD and they only made me 2 CD one got stolen and the other one got lost at the Woop 99.9 Radio station in Cleveland Tennessee so its been 4 years now they still have failed to give me my CD yeah call them ask them to play Linds May CD (I dont know why i love you like i do) it looks like someone one help Me I’ve been Sabotaged and Misstreated by a lot of People and I am tired of the games of this World has played on Me .Linda Hawkins May…

  8. Linda Hawkins says:

    Hey everyone it’s about that time for someone to win I’m sure more than one Person will win but I know everyone is ready to see some Action I have spent months and hours upon hours filling out surveys and playing games my mind is very tired it takes a toll on a person after awhile so its like this if I don’t win something I will never do this again or trust PCH again I’m almost 50 I’ve been waiting to win something ever since I was around 13 years old I’ve been ordering things and playing there games and surveys after this month I will never do this again.

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