Enter our $5,000 a Week Forever sweeps!

Enter our $5,000 a Week Forever sweeps!

142 thoughts on “Enter our $5,000 a Week Forever sweeps!”

  1. i would be able paid the majority of all my bill and give grandchildren trust for they are able to go. to college .and it could be the lucky winner to go a nice vacation

  2. Beverly stenerson says:

    I would also love to win, I’m having trouble buying a home because reverse mortgage has me as forclosed on my credit report and it wasn’t a Forclosure ,I would help people in my situation,animal shelters children’s hospitals and so much more

  3. marcia.kennedy says:

    I would, like very much to win so that I could help my family, and the food bank at the church that I go to. this would help some people that we love so much. thanks so for doing this.

  4. I would like to be one of them.

  5. Carlos Rios says:

    Oh lord please let me be the next winner on August 28th 2014 it would be very nice to win something for a change. I enter everyday and all day. :) :)

  6. I would pay off bills help my husband and have a better life for my girls

  7. margarita Campos says:

    why i margaritaCampos can’t sign up ?????? help me please

  8. Beverly stenerson says:

    I’ve got to leave my home that I’ve lived in since 1992 because of reverse mortgage, lost my husband last year & just need a fresh start as I will be renting a home

  9. Tina baker says:

    Please pick me I need money to pay my bill and take care of my kids and my home I hope god bless me to win thanks again pch ..come to my home on August 28th my Birthday is August 27,th I will be so happy to win the next day .so come please ? My life iwill change for good I am waiting for YOU

  10. Deborah Smith I would pay my bills help my children and our children in this united states Thank You

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