Activation Code for

Activation Code for

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  1. Shirley Duffer says:

    Shirley Duffer says:
    October 20,2014

    The activetation code I was sent: PC233
    My I.D.NUMBER: 02328862533

  2. ms. layne e. williams says:

    Hope this is the right page to activate my code SW236. My envelope color is green, black and white. Giveway #4942.. ms

  3. cindy schiro says:

    my activation code is pc233

  4. Kay Arai says:

    I just hope this is the right page for me to write my activation code 236. I really want to win !

  5. NOT getting thru with act code PC235

  6. Not getting thru with act code 235

  7. Bobbie says:

    I dont use the computer much, i really only want to go only by mail i get to lost on the computer and dont want to miss out , and mess up my chances to win . thankyou for chances to win thankyou MRS BOBBIE BECK

  8. patti deloach says:

    not getting through pc233——-why does everyone have the same number today!!!!

  9. Susan Marr says:

    I tried so hard to find activation my number is pc233 thank you so much I hope can still win thankyou very much susan marr.

  10. Not getting thruwithpc233

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