Activation Code for

Activation Code for

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  1. Norma lu says:

    Confirming receipt

  2. Where do I get the activation code?

  3. cKochanowski says:

    I think you should use only the people that send in their notices and order blanks. It is not fair for people that help you out be subject to people that just type in for a chance to win
    I do not want future e-mails or my name and e-mail address posted

  4. Activation for 5000$aweek!v3080-w-70-pc189-LP999–1mailid14fp1905–sw28-01orpc898—Im pretty sure that the pc189-w-70

  5. It would be nice to win and be able to pay off all my bills, help some family member who need help right now. It would be nice to take a vacation and not have to limit it due to money. I would be so happy to win, I Thank you P.C.H. for a chance to win. SW220

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