Activation Code for

Activation Code for

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  1. renee says:

    I`ve ask pch to t me back on te mailing list they haven`t sent it to me yet it has been 6 months. they said this the only way to `get a actavaton code what. what`s up with that?

  2. Theresa Leneau
    8/28/2014 Got my card today activation code: PC230

  3. ron ward says:

    got my card today 8/28/14 pch230

  4. ron ward says:

    i also hope this works also

  5. ron ward says:

    ron ward just received my card today

  6. PC222 says:

    My code is PC222 also. It must go by email address.

  7. Jenny McDowell says:

    Jenny McDowell Activation code PC 230

  8. Jenny McDowell says:

    Got my card Jenny McDowell pc 230

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