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Activation Code for

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  1. Cindy Mahr says:

    Cindy M— just like before. I just finished my entry, now I c an’t find it? I’m too sick today to f/u more. Also the magazine supplier, not the individual magazines, has hacked my site. I know it was them because they contacted me seperately using the same scam they used before & wanted my NEW debit card #, since we had to close my old one down. Just thought you aught to know. CM

  2. Cindy Mahr says:

    Cindy M here. Been pretty sick this last week. Sorry I didn’t do this sooner. My Husband wants me to quit. But I am trying to do my best. Your last email was confusing. I have been crying for hours after my 9/11 post. Now it’s gone? I don’t know where.
    For the record again— My initials are CM. I am trying to claim prize # 3577, #4900, # 3818 # 4778, #3816. I have been putting in entry /Activation numbers. PC220, PC212, Sw223, CS-02, TY71, SW 143, SW801, PC230, ACT LIFETIME. I hope these are all the write ones. I can’t seem to find my old entries. My customer ID – # 02326127327.
    I hope I got this all correct. If not, just Email me tomorrow. God bless you all. I know PCH is not a rigged. I want to be a winner, but even if I’m not, then congratulations to the winner. Bye for now Cindy M

  3. Queen E Williamson says:

    I always wanted to know what would it feel like to win PCH sweepstakes I always spending money, giving money, but never win money.

  4. gail broadbent says:

    m borrowing a nothers email

  5. Vivian says:

    Hope I win from PCH

  6. Bev Finley says:

    i COULDi XXXXXXXXXXXXXX I wasn’t able to open the site. Very frustrating. bev finley

  7. mary says:

    activation code pc230 can’t get on web site. would like to win , thanks mary mitchell

    1. joan erisoty says:

      I would like too win

      1. Hi Joan would love to win but I can not get to the site

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