10 thoughts on “Regions”

  1. karen hiller says:

    I like and I could use a ‘pile of cash’.

  2. Michael Vargas says:

    It would be such a blessng for me and my family if I won it would help me with my hosital bill and so much more, hope you come knocking at me door in Albuquerque,NM.

    Thanks pch for the everyday chance to win, godbless :-)

  3. tina trotter says:

    I am speaking the truth, any kind of amount or items would be greatly appreciated!!! Love this game!! Hopefully ya’ll are in the south!

  4. Jean Rice says:

    Sell all that I have and give to the poor!

  5. Rachel Stoltzfus says:

    love to win.Gave to god what would be his and paid debt off and we have to move by end of the year..

  6. Holly Messinese says:

    Ready, Ready, Ready!

  7. scott t. hoxie says:

    I’m disabled my family and myself could surely use all that money, now. Thank You Mr. Scott T.Hoxie


  9. Deeloise Cardenas says:

    It would be a dream come true if I won so I could pay off bills, student loans, to be able to repay my grandparents for helping us buy our future dream house, and to complete all the necessary work needed for us to move in. This would be a life changing event for me and my family, so please come to Mobile, AL and pick us as the winners.

  10. Mike Daniels says:

    I would love to win so i can pay off bills and put my 4 kids though collage and to be able to purches a house so my family wont have to worry. My family is my every thing so please come to Dubois Wyoming and pick me as a winner. After all it is all about my kids and the life i would love to give them. Thank you mike

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