3 Fun Ways to Win Instantly on our PCH Fan Pages on Facebook!

Hey blog readers!

We know how much our fans love to win instantly (let’s face it, that’s the best way to win!) We’re always updating our sites with new instant win opportunities, and today I’m here to tell you about our three instant win games on Facebook!

And the games are: (Drum roll please)

Lucky Loot Wheel, Edwin’s Hatch&Win and PCHlotto Luck!

Let’s run through how to access and play each of these exciting games:

Remember, you have to “Like” each of our fan pages on Facebook (PCH Fan Page, PCHSearch&Win Fan Page and PCHLotto Fan Page) in order to gain access to the games.  Once you’ve done that, allow the games to access your information, so we can contact you if you win a prize!

First up, we have our Lucky Loot Wheel on the PCH Fan Page!

Lucky Loot Wheel

All you have to do is click on the genie bottle to see Charisma appear.  She’ll spin the wheel to give you a chance to win up to $250 cash and gift cards or get exciting sweepstakes entries!

Lucky Loot Wheel Prize

Next on our list of instant win games, we’ve created Edwin’s Hatch&Win on the PCHSearch&Win Fan Page!

Edwins Hatch&Win

Our happy search owl scrambles three eggs for you, and your job is to hatch the egg you think he’s hiding in.  Choose the right egg and you can instantly win up to $100 cash or any of these great prizes!


Last, but not least is our PCHlotto Luck game, on the PCHlotto Fan Page. This game is easy as pie!

PCHlotto Luck Intro Page

Click the Play Now button and pick any six numbers to find out if they’re winning numbers instantly! You can choose a quick pick or choose your own lucky numbers, just like you do at PCHlotto!

PCHlotto Luck Card

The best part about PCHlotto Luck is, in addition to sweepstakes entries and gift cards, this game gives you a chance to win $25,000 CASH!  That’s the most you can win on ANY of our instant win games!

Wow, that’s a lot of opportunities to win instantly. For a one-stop shop to access all of our fun instant win games on Facebook, just click Prize Central on the PCH Fan Page.  Since you can only play each game once a day, Prize Central lists all our fun instant win opportunities to win awesome cash prizes in one place! This way, you have multiple chances to win every single day!

Prize Central

So, what are you waiting for?  Head to Facebook now and “Like” our fan pages to start playing for your chance to win BIG – instantly!

Good Luck!

Sarah S.
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    Thank you for your help.

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    I’m all in I feel lucky all dream come true with foscus

  7. Regina Woodard says:

    hi. I enjoy your games. all of them. I have a disability. I home . your games . the games, and search, and win keeps me busy. I like that. i did”nt play BECAUSE my cable bill was due, and they slow me down. i called cable folks, and made arrangements to pay the bill. so now I’M BACK TO WORK. THANK GOD. i LIKE searching. i find good information to read,and share on facebook.. I like the footage page to. i really like playing the llotto. i really like blackjack, sunken treasure too. i like hearing from you guys thru emails too.. glad to be on board. i like your store too. i just recenly placed an order. this is my second order . Im praying that one day I’ll be one of your luckly winnners someday. in the mean time, ILL KEEP PLAYING DAILY TO WIN. A FAN OF YOURS. GOD BLESS THE WHOLE TEAM..

  8. PCH is welcome to my home any time.

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