28 thoughts on “PrizeCentral”

  1. I am having memory problems and use your games to sharpen my brain. When it works, I love to play for hours. However, right now it is not playing correctly; clicking, not working properly

  2. Jimmy Napier says:

    Yes did it. I every days weekend very very very long time yes. I am still hope to win? ?.I am still hope waiting for you amen thanks

    1. Amne k rivas says:

      Yo también lo hize todos los días..pero creo k ni juego

  3. I love it Opportunities for All !!!!

  4. Pch, The first thing I need to do is save our Marriage, help me Please? My wife and family resides in Lexington North Carolina, and I Live in Philadelphia PA. Over 500 miles away. I don’t have the finance to afford to drive down there, Plus I need to have a good solid job, and hopefully one day I could purchase our new home. Please help.

  5. Misty Ryan says:

    Love it, love it, love it. I’m a huge PCH super fan and any way I can try to fulfil my dreams and try to win is awesome! :-) I play all day, everyday! :-)

  6. BCH search and find where am I supposed to go Michael

    1. Sorry, but what is BCH?

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