The Story of Publishers Clearing House

The Story of Publishers Clearing House

Want to be a part of the story? Play at today and every day, and your happily ever after could really come true!

92 thoughts on “The Story of Publishers Clearing House”

  1. Ruthie Trisch says:

    I commend these angels for making dreams come true! I won’t say what I would do with the dream life prize, but I will say I hope the future winners are deserving of such an incredible experience!!

  2. The PCH story is unusually inspiring! Just like other success stories, PCH also has experienced a roller-coaster kind of existence but because of its integrity and objectivity, it has recovered and now it’s starting to give away huge amounts of prizes. I wish I could have that luck to experience happy winning moments with the royal trio Prize Patrol Team and be a part of the PCH history. How wonderful it would be! I’d be shouting out loud. A million thanks, PCH! Thank you Lord! I believe in you. Blessed be Thy name! To you, Father God, I give back all the glory.

  3. Debbie l says:

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  4. Debbie l says:

    I apply to every single email and enter everything. It would be life changing for me and my little girls. High hopes and dreams is what I’m shooting for. People laugh and say I’m silly but I can hope and you never know what is in store for you!!!

  5. Lydia Schulz says:

    it’s a wonderful story and a legend to tell to everyone that needs to begin in order to reach the happy ending like what the Mertz have plant a seed to harvest; to play to win; faith and believe; but consequences sometimes waiting is soon hopes comes,then shall we say awesome.

  6. carolinejinks says:

    please let it me to win

  7. I think it wonderful that you work together tO deliver checks, I have always prayed THAT ONE DAY i WOULD WIN pch so far i have not, But I trust in god and when the time come and I win I will know cause u will be at my door.I get up every morning so I can play all the games. I am Patient and when it my time I will see you at my door. my god bless you”ll for the work you are doing, i am very proud of all of you. keep up the good work. I have been playing a long long time, but i know that time is coming one day

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