Does Publishers Clearing House Contact Winners In Advance?

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It’s Danielle Lam with the PCH Prize Patrol! One question I hear from our fans a lot is: “does Publishers Clearing House contact winners in advance?” Watch my video below to find out the answer:

There you have it everyone! As I mentioned in my video, the only way you’ll know if you won big from PCH is if the Prize Patrol shows up at your doorstep! That’s right, we do NOT contact our prize winners in advance. You’ve seen our winning moments on TV, and that is exactly how they happen in real life! We show up unannounced and give our lucky winners the surprise of a lifetime.

The other important thing to remember is that we NEVER ask for money from our winners! At PCH, the winning is ALWAYS free! So if you get a phone call, text message or anything in the mail about winning, and the person asks you to send money to claim your prize, that is NOT the real PCH Sweepstakes!

I hope this helped clear things up, and remember, if you ever have any questions, ASK US! Leave a comment below or on my Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page on Facebook!

Our next big prize event is right around the corner, so please stay safe everyone — and GOOD LUCK!


Danielle Lam
Prize Patrol Elite

P.S. On today’s Play&Win blog, Laurel is answering another important fan question: how can you find out if your PCHlotto numbers are winners? Want to know the answer? Check out the Play&Win blog now!

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  5. Barbara Lind says:

    Why Do I not get an answer to my question??

  6. carla m antee says:

    The Knock Knock House Mega Winner Wins It All Thank You For The Golden Opportunity To Win It All And See Double As A Superfan

  7. Barbara Lind says:

    What if I’m not home when you arrive since you don’t notify ahead of time??

  8. ethankcarla m Antee For Life myk says:

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  9. Tom Roche says:

    If I win on lotto cards and do not check the numbers myself, will I be notified?

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