PCH Employees Jump Into Summer Fun With Volleyball!

Hey PCH Fans!

With Fourth of July over and done with, it’s safe to say that we are well into the swing of summer! The beaches and parks are so beautiful this time of year, it seems to put everyone in a better mood! Nothing makes me happier during the summer than getting to spend time outside with family and friends. There are a few special activities that are perfect for summer weather, and one of my favorites happens to be volleyball! It’s amazing how a ball and a net can lead to hours of memorable summer fun. Thanks to PCH, employees were able to enjoy some summer volleyball fun a few days ago at our headquarters in Port Washington, NY!

PCH Employees

While everyone patiently waited for 3:00 o’clock to arrive to get their game on, our cafeteria staff was also busy getting their game on by whipping up some delicious and nutritious goodies and drinks to provide the volleyball players. Keeping hydrated on a hot summer day is SUPER important and PCH has it covered! Lisa B. from our Human Resource Department was manning the drink station keeping everyone hydrated with homemade passion fruit iced tea! Apart from the thirst-quenching beverage, our cafeteria staff was kind enough to provide freshly baked M&M and Chocolate Chip Cookies! Everything was delicious as always.

PCH Employees Volleyball

The turnout for the volleyball game was great with everyone from summer interns to PCH employees getting together to form unstoppable teams! Even the Prize Patrol Elite’s Todd Sloane came out to show his support for the players and indulge in some sweet treats!

Prize Patrol Todd Sloane

From Smoothie Socials to Volleyball games, PCH employees really love taking time out to have some fun (when we’re not hard at work bringing you the best winning experiences, of course!) And here at the PCH blog, we love giving you the behind-the-scenes look!

So readers, what do you think of the PCH Volleyball Game? Do you enjoy volleyball as much as us PCH employees do? Don’t forget to take advantage of this beautiful weather yourself and plan a pick-up game of your favorite sport with your family and friends!

Happy Summer!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. Speaking on fun, today is your LAST DAY to play PCH Prize Pursuit! Instant prizes are still up for grabs, so make sure you check it out today!

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21 thoughts on “PCH Employees Jump Into Summer Fun With Volleyball!”

  1. Yvonne Dixon says:

    volleyball and smoothies are a definite way to have fun and stay cool. Especially when the sun has gone down.

  2. Nina Englemon says:

    Those cookies look wonderful!

  3. Jamie Sharb says:

    Hi Christa P. thanks for sharing these great pictures of everyone at PCH! You guys really know how to have fun at Publishers Clearing House with the Volleyball,yummy Passion Fruit Ice Tea, and chocolate chip cookies, and friends. Put all that together and you can’t go wrong. I like to enjoy the sunny summer days with my family and friends too. My favorite game to play outside is Cornhole. My husband even made us one from stuff he had laying around his garage. Now whenever we want to go out and play we can. I really enjoyed reading your blog. It was exciting looking at all the pictures of all Interns and PCH Employees hanging out enjoying a summer afternoon. It was nice seeing a picture of Prize Patrol Elite’s Todd Sloane having fun and relaxing because every picture I have seen of him he has been hard at work surprising winners of PCH. It is so cool to see behind the scenes of PCH! And the answer to your question Yes I love playing Volleyball. I haven’t played since I was in high school. I’ve always wanted to put one up at our home but never seemed to have the room at any of the places we have lived. Now we are buying this mobile home in a mobile home park it is a definite we can’t put one here. Even though I can’t put a Volleyball net up here there is plenty of room for me and my family to play Cornhole. And once I start it is so much fun I don’t want to stop. Also I want to say thank you for informing me this is the last day to play Prize Pursuit because I didn’t know. So I guess that means I better go play before today ends and I miss my chance. I hope to read and see more behind the scenes at PCH. Maybe I’ll even get a chance to be a part of PCH by winning Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes one day.

  4. Keeper of the Birds says:

    congrats on 60 yrs! lots of happy endings in your ripples…. :)

  5. Michaela G. says:

    Thank you Christa P. for that wonderful summer letter to all of us!!!

    I love the fact that you had a summer picnic with all your co-workers at PCH!!!

    And I love the new PCH Prize Pursuit, it is a lot of fun to play!!!

    Well, all I can say is “HAPPY SUMMER” and I hope it is a safe one too!!!

  6. Tonya Parks says:

    Oh my goodness yes…..those cookies look good and passion fruit iced tea sounds delightful. I love summer activities but like the three years before this one I am on the menu for the fleas and mosquitos . So may days will be spent indoors.

  7. susan varughese says:

    looks like you guys are having so much fun and PCH prize pursuit was fun to play because i learned so much from the trivia questions. good luck to everyone and God Bless.

  8. robin dausey says:

    The person that wins is going to be a very happy person!!!!

  9. Holly Messinese says:

    It’s important to spend time together when outside of the work place. God Bless!

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