Waiting For Prize Patrol Winner

Amanda C and Laura with a Big Check!

12 thoughts on “Waiting For Prize Patrol Winner”

  1. Yes it will be a blessing when I win the pch it will change my life forever

  2. Steve clark says:

    I’m waiting on the prize patrol

  3. Patricia says:

    I play all day everyday in pch I am going to win

  4. Patricia says:

    I got internet at my house just because of pch and I am playing pch all day . I am goinging to win

  5. Ethel Jones says:

    Oh yes I am waiting for the Prize Patrol I Hope my name appears on that blank Check they holding. I could go have my shoulder replacement without worrying about the Rent and BILLS. What a surprise that will be. I just had my 60 th birthday May 24. Good Luck to all you’ll never know. Who Next?

    1. Yes Ethel I am waiting also! Want to share?

  6. Gwendolyn Pindell says:

    Danielle, y’all are AMAZING; The way of kindly awaiting for The actual Winners to arrive at their residents; Presenting with a bouquet of flowers #PCH #BIG CHECK

  7. Daniel Etchelecou says:

    Will you just hurry up already!! Show a sense of urgency.

  8. Ruben Gallegos says:

    add your comment here

    1. wallace haynes says:

      hi you can but my name on that check so me an my 72 year old mom can move out of this this fall down home build in 1953 an move in a new home oh I forgot we have my 79 year old ant and her 58 year old daughter that is bed ready that lives with us to so may we be bless with that check we have our hopes an prayer up god bless America

  9. james tabler says:

    sweet…pchprizepatrol wow j.t. in too win 8/14/20013 L.W.

  10. Daniel Ray Farley says:

    Still looking forward to seeing you two beautiful ladies to appear at my doorstep with my check…Maybe you’ll let me take you out for dinner???

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