What Would YOU Do If You Won The “Forever” Prize?

Forever Prize

Hello PCH Fans!

It’s time to look forward to FOREVER! That’s right, the “Forever” Prize is back, and it’s guaranteed to be awarded NEXT MONTH!

I know the excitement has to be building for everyone. I mean, that’s a lot to think about.  YOU would get $5,000 a Week for Life. Then to top it all off, it would continue on to another person for THEIR lifetime.

The possibilities seem endless when you think about it. Granted, a lot of possibilities opened up when I won the $1 Million SuperPrize in August of 2008. But the “Forever” Prize would definitely up the ante.

What would I do if I won such a prize? I really had to think about it!

I would:

  • Start a scholarship at Toledo Central Catholic High School and The University of Toledo. Education is a great investment for the community.
  • Make larger donations to local and national charities that I support. My local Humane Society could definitely use some assistance.
  • Build a second home somewhere a little warmer. Sometimes Ohio winters can get a little wicked!
  • Buy my husband’s dream car for him. I guess I’d better double check what that is! As for me, I love my Smokey, my 2013 Ford Focus.
  • Finally take a jump over the ‘Big Pond’ with my husband to do a few vacations in Europe. Maybe we can find the city where the Bostelmans originated and share our findings with the family.
  • Buy a Playstation 4 when it releases! OK, well, I’m already saving for that, but I’d probably need two if I had two homes. Right? Right.
  • Take my buddies to an all-expenses paid trip to DragonCon and/or the San Diego ComicCon. It would be so cool to see movie stars AND get exclusive first peeks for movies and TV shows.
  • RETIRE! After a month or two “off”, I’d probably start volunteering for a local organization a few days a week, but that leaves plenty of time to travel and maybe even work on some creative projects.
  • Whew, that was fun. But wait! Then the person who I would pass the winnings onto would need to figure out their own game plan. No pressure!

But now I turn the question over to YOU. If YOU won the “Forever” Prize in August, what would you do, and who would get the legacy portion of the prize? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to ENTER ENTER ENTER!


Natalie Bostleman
2008 SuperPrize Winner
PCH Goodwill Ambassador


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  1. I love this, I’m blessed to have this oppurtunity. If I were to win I know its god or higher power that’s for sure!! If I won I would donate to the churches in my area an to the veteran shops organizations. I would pay my debts to get caught up in life an take my 2 boys on first vacation 😊 I would buy my mom a house an my hakola family a car finally it be nice not having to walk everywhere for once! I’d prolly help my in-laws also oh oh oh an I’ve only lived in apts so I’d buy my family a house so for now I’ll continue searching an playing PCH! Can’t wait for prize patrol to be at my door!! I wanna win prize giveaway 8800 👌😊

    1. Hello Brittney, we’re thrilled that you’re enjoying your PCH experience. You’ve got to be “in it to win it” so don’t give up. Keep in mind that we do receive millions of entries but every entry has the same fair chance; there’s no way to know who we’re going to surprise next. Here are all of the ways that you can enter each day for your chance to become a big winner: http://bit.ly/Enter-A-PCH-Sweeps.

  2. I would cry 1st, I would get out of debt buy us a new house and buy our kids a house for them and their family, help my sisters out, have a fenced yard, buy us all new cars, and if I passed away I would split it between our kids. I would just want to be happy and make everyone else happy. I hate not having money. I wouldn’t know what to do

  3. I have 23 medical diagnoses now, 3 of which are life threatning for which the doctors say I might get 5-10 years depending on diet and exercise (no joke). So, I would donate most of it to medical foundations, move back home to South Miami, FL, try to purchase our former home back, donate to the church and travel with my Mom so we can both see places we have never been. Start out bank accounts for my immediate family and finally, give the Mexican girl at Subway, Anna, enough money so she can go back home and visit her parents and siblings for which she hasn’t seen in over 12 years. I want to give and help for the most part. Best of luck to everybody and God bless!

  4. I would pay of all my debt, then buy a house to pass down to my kids. Start a college fund for all five grandkids. My mother has always been their for me, so I would show how much I appreciate for having my back. And give some to my children so they can do what they want. And donate to helping our homeless get back on there feet.

  5. If I won I would pay my bills off. I could pay the hospital bills get collections off my back.

    I would build a house for my husband and me.

    I would go on a super vacation/honeymoon.

    I could help my children financially. And my mother. I would like to help the church and the neede.

    Purchase a travel trailer and travel. Purchase a vehicle well I won’t need if I win Lincoln.

  6. I would help my daughter with MS, DIABETES, and CANCER raise her two children. Her daughter is working to go to school and her son has AUTISM. She needs financial help to secure her children’s futures.

  7. what will i do if i won lifetime? well first i will pay off my mobile home and buy a dream home in the country and hope to win so my husband can retired.that what i will do if i ever win.

  8. I would move from orangegrove rd forever and hello to a new home in the country were I can plant roses & graden injoy mother nature at her best and help my granddaughter with her education

  9. If I won the lottery, I would definitely pay my debt off and raise my credit for my son & I. I have 60 days until I get him back. I would pay to get my liscense back & a great mommy car for my son, his name is Brantley and I. I would start a business. I don’t have a job and needing to get one before 60 days. It’s hard to go when you have anxiety and your whole hometown like hates you and watching every single move I’m doing. But I deserve it. But anyways, I would buy a house, &I also I would pay for him to go to a Christian academy. And I would give my son a very great life. He needs his mother. I am 22 years old and still have a lot to learn but maybe, just maybe someday God will bless us. Sincerely, Kelley Renee Bower.