What Would YOU Do If You Won The “Forever” Prize?

Forever Prize

Hello PCH Fans!

It’s time to look forward to FOREVER! That’s right, the “Forever” Prize is back, and it’s guaranteed to be awarded NEXT MONTH!

I know the excitement has to be building for everyone. I mean, that’s a lot to think about.  YOU would get $5,000 a Week for Life. Then to top it all off, it would continue on to another person for THEIR lifetime.

The possibilities seem endless when you think about it. Granted, a lot of possibilities opened up when I won the $1 Million SuperPrize in August of 2008. But the “Forever” Prize would definitely up the ante.

What would I do if I won such a prize? I really had to think about it!

I would:

  • Start a scholarship at Toledo Central Catholic High School and The University of Toledo. Education is a great investment for the community.
  • Make larger donations to local and national charities that I support. My local Humane Society could definitely use some assistance.
  • Build a second home somewhere a little warmer. Sometimes Ohio winters can get a little wicked!
  • Buy my husband’s dream car for him. I guess I’d better double check what that is! As for me, I love my Smokey, my 2013 Ford Focus.
  • Finally take a jump over the ‘Big Pond’ with my husband to do a few vacations in Europe. Maybe we can find the city where the Bostelmans originated and share our findings with the family.
  • Buy a Playstation 4 when it releases! OK, well, I’m already saving for that, but I’d probably need two if I had two homes. Right? Right.
  • Take my buddies to an all-expenses paid trip to DragonCon and/or the San Diego ComicCon. It would be so cool to see movie stars AND get exclusive first peeks for movies and TV shows.
  • RETIRE! After a month or two “off”, I’d probably start volunteering for a local organization a few days a week, but that leaves plenty of time to travel and maybe even work on some creative projects.
  • Whew, that was fun. But wait! Then the person who I would pass the winnings onto would need to figure out their own game plan. No pressure!

But now I turn the question over to YOU. If YOU won the “Forever” Prize in August, what would you do, and who would get the legacy portion of the prize? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to ENTER ENTER ENTER!


Natalie Bostleman
2008 SuperPrize Winner
PCH Goodwill Ambassador


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203 thoughts on “What Would YOU Do If You Won The “Forever” Prize?”

  1. Debra says:

    > Pay off my student Loans
    >Pay back the few people I owe money to
    >Save for college for my 2 children
    >Go on vacation for about a month or two around the world
    >Go on and pay for a family vacation with my sisters, their children, and my brother
    >Go on family vacation once a year with my children
    >Get my dream car..an Eclipse or Tiburon
    >Catch up on my Spanish
    >Start my own full service salon that caters to both men and women, and children, that also has a daycare for moms and dads who do not have time to relax and can come and have someone to look after their children for a couple of hours while mom/and/or/ dad get services done. I also want to incorporate a café and boutique. the salon would also have discounted prices for people who normally can not afford salon or spa services. I would also do a program for troubled youth from all types of backgrounds as well as ethnicities and religions. I would also do a program for abused or homeless women. I would give them free services to help them on their way to independence, such as a free business/professional makeover. At the end of the night all the food from the café would be given to the local homeless people. there is so much good I would do with this money. But I mostly just want to empower people and make people feel good about themselves, which in turn I hope they take that positive energy and share it with whoever they come across. An what better way to do that than to give them a nice, relaxing atmosphere, that doesn’t break their wallet and fill up their bellies?

  2. brenda soto says:

    I would make sure my daughter had a running car and her teeth fixed I would take all my grandkids to Disney world.then do things for my husband and myself

  3. Drema walker says:

    Help people

  4. dennis m rosas jr says:

    that would be so so so awesome to become a BIG winner and I would be so thankful of starting a dream to help others’ wow, just a BIG’ WOW” It’s all in the believing”

  5. I will god the thank for making possible for me to be do thing for my family and for special peoples in my life;and buy first new car in life, house,give some needly people,and get all bill pay off and be debit free for rest of my life.

  6. Judy Kilroy says:

    I would also help my church and other organizations.

  7. Judy Kilroy says:

    I would pay all my debts. Move to Morgantown, WV next to my youngest son and his family. I would buy a power chair because I am disabled and have trouble walking. I would buy both my son’s a house, give to the injured warriors. Maybe buy my self something if there is any money. Judy Kilroy

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