What Would YOU Do If You Won The “Forever” Prize?

Forever Prize

Hello PCH Fans!

It’s time to look forward to FOREVER! That’s right, the “Forever” Prize is back, and it’s guaranteed to be awarded NEXT MONTH!

I know the excitement has to be building for everyone. I mean, that’s a lot to think about.  YOU would get $5,000 a Week for Life. Then to top it all off, it would continue on to another person for THEIR lifetime.

The possibilities seem endless when you think about it. Granted, a lot of possibilities opened up when I won the $1 Million SuperPrize in August of 2008. But the “Forever” Prize would definitely up the ante.

What would I do if I won such a prize? I really had to think about it!

I would:

  • Start a scholarship at Toledo Central Catholic High School and The University of Toledo. Education is a great investment for the community.
  • Make larger donations to local and national charities that I support. My local Humane Society could definitely use some assistance.
  • Build a second home somewhere a little warmer. Sometimes Ohio winters can get a little wicked!
  • Buy my husband’s dream car for him. I guess I’d better double check what that is! As for me, I love my Smokey, my 2013 Ford Focus.
  • Finally take a jump over the ‘Big Pond’ with my husband to do a few vacations in Europe. Maybe we can find the city where the Bostelmans originated and share our findings with the family.
  • Buy a Playstation 4 when it releases! OK, well, I’m already saving for that, but I’d probably need two if I had two homes. Right? Right.
  • Take my buddies to an all-expenses paid trip to DragonCon and/or the San Diego ComicCon. It would be so cool to see movie stars AND get exclusive first peeks for movies and TV shows.
  • RETIRE! After a month or two “off”, I’d probably start volunteering for a local organization a few days a week, but that leaves plenty of time to travel and maybe even work on some creative projects.
  • Whew, that was fun. But wait! Then the person who I would pass the winnings onto would need to figure out their own game plan. No pressure!

But now I turn the question over to YOU. If YOU won the “Forever” Prize in August, what would you do, and who would get the legacy portion of the prize? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to ENTER ENTER ENTER!


Natalie Bostleman
2008 SuperPrize Winner
PCH Goodwill Ambassador


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267 thoughts on “What Would YOU Do If You Won The “Forever” Prize?”

  1. Take care of me !
    so that I can continue in my choice to work with disabled and seniors and so that my mother ,daughter my fiancé and myself can have a better quality of life
    This gives me hope
    Thanx for that. Shannon Militano

  2. Sandra Wightman says:

    Sandy W. Says, Never work another day however, I would volunteer in many organizations and provide financial support to those organizations.

  3. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:


  4. Rosa says:

    I would first and for most by a car! A family car, And buy a house big enough for our family house hold that we’ve been living in a 1 bedroom apt for more then 2 decades I Have 5 kids And 2 grand kids my HSE may be little and we might berly get by but anyone who knows us know their more then welcome! I’ve been sleeping in the living room couch too many years now with my 12 year old son in the other couch and my other kids in bunk beds in the room no one has had any privacy especially me and my husband he sleeps in the floor next to the couch next to me. This money would make a tremendous gift sent from god to us whom knows how much we would love and how much it’ll mean to us. Good luck everyone! God bless!

  5. Jerry O'Brien says:

    I would take of the people that’s been by my side through all my lowest moments

  6. trea johnson says:

    I would also take care of the tax amount first, pay off all of my debts and my husbands debts my family’s debts and buy a house. Give to as many charities as possible and stay home with my children.

  7. Carla M Antee says:

    Be very happy

  8. Martin Maggio Jr. says:

    If by prayers would be answered . I would be able move to Alliance ,Ohio..to assist my disabled girlfriend…she is blind and had a stroke…I would buy a old home and renovate it for a disabled person…I’m also disabled too for 7yrs.do to my amputations and the reduction of my vision…..
    ..I would pay off my outstanding hospital bills…after establish that I will get my needed eye operation… I would help my family and suchrou
    next , I would help my mother.she was battling cancer..she is in remission now..thankfully
    after that all the fun things will happen…if I won the Pch prize , my life would be less stressful…I would donate to many animal groups…
    maybe even get married ….lol

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