Forever Prize

Forever Prize

102 thoughts on “Forever Prize”

  1. Jesus Macias says:

    Search first of all I will feel real blessed that God gave me the opportunity to keep on blessing people

  2. Della says:

    I would help a lot disadvantage children

  3. Christina Moore says:

    I know what I would do first thing. I would joyfully, lovingly and graciously give back to Higher Power and the works of my church. Then I would be out of this state. I am so miserable here in the cold which to me is about 11 months out of the year. We haven’t even had a summer this year in Oregon. Can’t stand it!

  4. God do something for me please a miracle.

  5. It would be great I have a large family Everyone of them would receive what they all need. And my Charities would be helped. St.Judes and Senior Citizens.

  6. Amanda Collins says:

    Pch I’m looking forward to meeting you:)

  7. R.Prushko says:

    If I win this lucky prize of 5,000.00 a week 4EVER!! I would be so happy and grateful. With this money I will able to pay my bills, buy my own house,take care of my love one’s, go vacation,and start not only one business,I would have to have several businesses so I can multiply the benefit of winning the prize and create jobs to for people that are unemployment. Leaving the best for last if I would have enough money to donate money schools,Hospital, the poor, individuals that are struggling and need help. And being able to provide for the help in need and people that deserves it too. The enjoyment of giving someone something anything is a great feeling to have, to make someone happy makes me happy…I think that I might dream wish and hope above and beyond. I do win June or August I would love to be bless of a huge amount of money. It be a dream come true pretty sweet. I WISH THE BEST OF LUCK FOR EVERYONE!!! THANKS PCH

    1. it would be a life change for me and my family thaankyou pch

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