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  1. I would secure my daughters and their families future; enjoy life to the max and pay it forward in my community! I have developed a plan to create a non-profit organization, Angels In the Aisles! I would pay customers who can’t afford to purchase their groceries and during the holidays I would pay the balance on their holiday gifts.

  2. How I would love to win the Forever Prize on April 30th! We have some immediate challenges with our house and we also have some massive problems with a rental property as our renters just moved out. All we can think of right now is that it needs to be torn down. The house was well built and has been in the family for about 130 years. We farm and we always have to get used machinery. The last combine took months to get into working order. The prize would mean mat maybe we could go on a little vacation. I can’t remember when we had one last. But most of all we could help others too. We have some critical needs around us and there are some other charities that I would like to help too. Thanks so much! Marilyn

  3. To win this sweepstakes by Publishers Clearing House would mean this to me…. I raised my children to always work to move forward in your life, as nothing is free! But it never hurts to dream and wish for a free fall! For me I made sure my children’s Heath for their bodies as well as Dental is so important in looking for a job.. I unfortunetly was not taught to me, my children have never had a cavity and I have had more than me share as a child and never had dental coverage in my years of working , I now have no smile which at one time meant and was the light to my soul when I spoke to others…. My father died at age 50 from heart disease, I too have peridontal disease like him and am afraid of having heart disease because of the openings in my gums…. But just for a Peridontalist to begin working on me is so out of our range, that I have had to make decisions that would never be a problem if they have money and no insurance. But I refuse to leave my family in debt! We thought we okay when my husband was to retire along with our investing then 2008 was devastating and we are now in a total different status in life….. So if I were to win first I would fix my mouth so I could show the world my words come straight from the heart! Then the next most important thing for me to do is begin a ” FOUNDATION FOR PEOPLE WITH SERIOUS DENTAL PROBLEMS and show them there is such a need for this kind of FOUNDATION FOR DENTAL!! Thanks for reading from me heart, writing it down makes me feel at least that someone may read it and my voice be heard. Thank You from my long ago Smile.