How To Contact PCH (Publishers Clearing House)!

How To Contact PCH

Hey PCH Fans!

Don’t you hate it when you have a question about something you just can’t seem to find the answer to? It’s the absolute worst! Here at PCH, we never want our fans to experience that, especially when it comes to questions about us! So we figured we’d answer some of your frequently asked questions right here on the blog. One of the most frequently asked questions we get is about how to contact PCH (Publishers Clearing House). Here is some helpful information to help you connect with us!

How to contact PCH by telephone:

-For General Questions call: 1-800-459-4724

-For Website/Technical Questions call: 1-800-476-4724

-Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8:30 AM- 8:30 PM

-The PCH hotline is closed during holidays!

How to contact PCH by email:

-Either login to your customer service account, or create a customer service account if you don’t already have one.

-To reach PCH by mail, simply write to us using the following address:

Publishers Clearing House
101 Winners Circle
Port Washington, NY 11050

-If you are contacting us about a sweepstakes scam that is misusing the PCH name, please call 1-800-392-4190, or login to our PCH customer service site. You know that PCH cares about your scam safety, so for more information, you can also contact us here at the blog.

If you have a question, PCH has an answer. Feel free to use any of these contact methods above to get in touch with our staff and have your questions answered.

Thanks for being a fan!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. Comment below if you have any questions you’d like answered!

96 thoughts on “How To Contact PCH (Publishers Clearing House)!”

  1. Teresa Johnson says:

    Hi pch I’m a different Teresa and I love pch I contact pch sweepstake entry online,by mail,by phone by calling for general questions 1-800-459-4724 or1-800-476-4724 for technical issues. I’m a fan I’m keep trying until I win a prize patrol knock on my door Superprize®Winning match number sweepstake giveaway contest.

  2. Hello everyone at Publishers Clearing House I just wanted too wish all of yo guys a very very happy new year. Thank you for letting me be a member on your website. I love the sweepstakes and instant win games.

  3. Peggy Brown says:

    How many pch sweepstakes do you have out and how will I know the right one

  4. Phillip Patton says:

    Hi my name is Phillip Patton I got a notice Accept or Surrender I truly Accept a Prize Number for a life time winnig GWY No 4900. The problem I have is when I accept a prize number it cut me off please Help me with this .

  5. Betty Chaffin says:

    Hi. I am always concerned when I enter a contest, such as the December 30th $10,000 per week contest and appear to be entered but keep getting messages of things and steps I need to take to ne entered. Today it is the Accept or Surrender. I have tried all day to show I Accept nut the computer goes into an ‘access denied’ page and will not let me finish. So am I set for the giveaway or not? Also it will sometimes say Entry Accepted/Entered but I have to go through all these ads and merchandise before it is completed. I am very confused as to whether I am wasting my time or not. Please give me an answer and am I entered? Thank you.


  7. Douglas, Blackwell says:

    Dear,PCH. This message is for Dave.Hi Dave & team. Dave I notice you were looking for a good comedy well dave its call the Man feature Samuel Jackson & Eugene Levy,Enjoy, Thanks

  8. Wanda says:

    Pch I’m alone as my husband has left me I have a house but have no job. I’m a mother of two wonderful daughters that try to help me as much as they can but have there own lives. I’m unable to work because of health problems. I know it’s not something I think could really happen to me but it is wonderful to think it might. I have fun just playing and dreaming of what kind of life I could share with my family, thank you pch

  9. PCH I’m claiming $7,000’00 a week for gwy4900

  10. Teresa says:

    I always enter and I never win, y’all had sent me email say I won then nothing shows up. Y’all get people hope up then that get broken. I never won anything in my life to win this it help my kids. My daughter been raped by my dad then he facing 15 years I do what y’all say to do and I never won.

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