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Hi blog readers! It’s me, Donna, and I’m back with my summer magazine blog! For those of you who missed my first blog, did you know that in addition to shopping at PCH for fantastic merchandise at low, low prices, Publishers Clearing House also has dozens of terrific magazine deals? Well, it’s true!

Hope you all are enjoying the lazy days of summer, I know I am.  I love to sit on the beach with my family and do my puzzles. My kids love to do them, too!   Here at PCH we have a great selection to choose from. Quality Find The Word, Easy Going Crosswords, and Favorite Search and Circle Jumbo are just a few of my favorites!

Quality Fill Ins

Easy Going Crosswords


Summertime is also a great time to get started on a homemade project to give as a gift. We have all types of craft titles such as Creative Knitting, Quick & Easy Crochet, and Quilters World. You can find all these and more under the “Hobbies/Leisure Time” tab on our magazine site

Quick&Easy Crochet


Of course we have all your favorite titles like Family Circle, Star, Reader’s Digest and Food Network, too. Perhaps you want to learn a new recipe – why not try Cooking Light!? Look for it under our “Health & Fitness” tab.

Cooking Light

WHATEVER you like to do, I promise we have a magazine that will help you enjoy it more! But don’t take my word for it, take a look for yourself! We have tons of other top titles including TV GUIDE, Family Handyman, Good Housekeeping and Everyday with Rachael Ray — all with savings of up to 80% or more off cover prices! With the warmer weather here, I have my veggie garden going strong with advice from Organic Gardening. Look for this title and more in the “Cooking, Home and Garden” tab.

Organic Gardening

So remember everyone, you can order Quality Find the Word magazine online — and do ALL of your magazine shopping — right here at PCH! Hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Donna Z

Donna Z.
Senior Account Executive, Publisher Relations

P.S. Are you a Puzzle enthusiast like me? Comment below and let me know what your favorite puzzles are!

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Pamela Brinks said...

Puzzles are great fun! Word search, jigsaw, and Sudoku are among my favorites.

Kanika Loeung said...

Both are pretty much the same I like.

Michaela G. said...

Hi Donna,

I love Puzzles too, they are a lot of fun and great for your brain!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful and safe summer!!!

David Faas said...

You bet,I am a Puzzle Enthuiast but I like the kind where I can win Cash.I had taken some English Classes and I like words & language.And I would bet my favorite Person at Publishers Clearing House Danielle Lam like Puzzles too.Well,I hope your
Tuesday is good one.Best Regards,Mr.David Faas Duluth, Minnesota

Mrs. A.T. said...

Hi! I ordered the puzzle books when we used to camp. On those rainy days they kept the kids entertained. My favorite is Sudoku, though I haven’t played in a while. :)

Diana Hanlon said...

I love the fill ins and cross word puzzle got this for my daughter she crazy about them and have a good day because it’s beautiful out side :) !!!

Leticia Bibo said...

Leticia Bibo Said…
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susan varughese said...

i sometimes try puzzles in the newspaper, but that’s about it. Not a really big fan of it.

Linda Dawson said...

Donna,I loved the Easy Going Large Print Crosswords Puzzles. I have been filling out puzzle for more than 40 years. It serves has a destressor and a brain exercise tool. I am also a big fan of Search and Find puzzles. My 33 year old son also is a puzzle enthusiast. My 4 granddaughters (ages 4-12) favorites are jigsaw puzzles just as long its under 100 pieces. Puzzles are a great Dawson’ family fun that is inexpensive.

Jamie Sharb said...

Hi Donna
I am enjoying my summer. Is has been a busy summer for me with kids out of school. I have been trying to keep my boys from laying around the house all day. I have checked out many magazine deals that Publishers Clearing House has to offer.And there is many I would like to buy. Right now I don’t have the money to spend on things like magazines because all our money is going to back to school clothes & school supplies.And the rest goes towards bills. I would like to be a loyal customer of PCH by buying their great magazines at terrific prices. The first two magazines I want to order when I get extra cash is PCH Family Circle, Food Network. I love to cook new recipes for my husband and 2 boy as often as I can find ones I think they will enjoy eating.And I always enjoy a good story about family.
So best believe when I get some money that has no place to be spent I will be ordering a few of PCH magazines. I am one of those people that while standing in line at the grocery store I pick up a magazine and sneak a peek. And I have see those exactly same ones on PCH. The only difference is PCH prices are much cheaper and I can get many more issues. I will not be buying anymore of those magazines that’s on the rack by the check out in the grocery store. Publishers Clearing House even makes it easier for me to get my magazines by sending them straight to my home.
P.S. I do enjoy puzzles. There isn’t one certain type I enjoy more than the other. I’m not all that good at them but I do like the challenge!

Stancio Butler said...

I play one of those solitaire games at PCH Games every day even today but before that, I used to read Nintendo Power magazines back then which was from July/August of 1988 way the way to sometime in 1992.

Stancio Butler
PCH Customer

    Stancio Butler said...


    I play one of those solitaire games at PCH Games every day but before that, I used to read Nintendo Power magazines back then which was from July/August of 1988 all the way to sometime either in the late part of 1991 or sometime in 1992.

    Stancio Butler
    PCH Customer

    P.S. Did anyone at PCH Blog used to read Nintendo Power magazines back in the day?

Randy Moseley said...

I would like to order Le Puzzle Books but can’t find them on your websites. They are item number 54325W

Billie Lacy said...

My favorite is cross word that tell me about history because they have a lot of meaning in it