Fruity Flipout Scratch Off Cards

Fruity Flipout Scratch Off Cards

198 thoughts on “Fruity Flipout Scratch Off Cards”

  1. i have entered giveaway 3577many,many times, PLUS many other pch contest I have never won any i’m praying to win this one and i will be looking for the prize patrol car to enter my driveway on october 9th. if not i will be devastated be cause i will stand to lose my home and all else i own.i have no where to go

  2. I Can Not Get The Scratch Off Game to let me in to Play
    I Followed Your Prompt Message on How Important it Was For Me to log
    In Tried On Scratch Off Cards and System(PCH) Failed to Enter and Let Me Play
    Can You FIX This Problem and see that my games flow Quickly I Am Trying to
    Put As Many Points On The Board As Possible Thank You for your Prompt

  3. Alicia Aguirre says:

    I can not open the fruity fliput scratch off cards. I am sure I am not the only one that is having problems.

  4. Please let us know why the game won’t open

  5. brenda436 says:

    I’m tring to open the scratch cards but can’t get it to open. How do I get it to open so I can play to win.

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