Fruity Flipout Scratch Off Cards

Fruity Flipout Scratch Off Cards

243 thoughts on “Fruity Flipout Scratch Off Cards”

  1. sally says:

    I would to love some money on these scratch-offs. I play morning noon and night and never seem to win anything. But, I am still trying.

    1. Freddy K says:

      “Ditto” on that …… I think my tongue is hanging out I’ve played this endless game but, as you say, I keep trying

  2. Freddy K says:

    Love to win for: 1. My Church; 2. My Family: 3. My Extended; 4: Back back our home; and a little for use to enjoy! Other First!

  3. Kimberly Weeks says:

    Yes I’d love to win

  4. Latreasa Kinsler says:

    Love to win

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