Fruity Flipout Scratch Off Cards

Fruity Flipout Scratch Off Cards

185 thoughts on “Fruity Flipout Scratch Off Cards”

  1. helen postel says:

    why cant i get to the gamescratch off

  2. I am trying so hard to play my games scratch off,unlock bonus games etc etc….What’s happening I need some fun this summer. I have NO money, can’t go anywhere, don’t have an air conditioner and a teenager, I pray I to show her fun. Out doors soon before I die. Please fix my your games that are not coming on my internet,so I could enjoy . I LIKE TOget tokens and maybe I could win cash that way. THANK YOU.

  3. lauraqual says:

    I feel it is not right or the slot game I unlocked to freeze after 2 drops then I drop the rest to try to make it unfreeze and end up with 0 tokens. Also why am I nolonger receiving the bingo game?

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