pch.com Scratch Off Cards

pch.com Scratch Off Cards

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  1. Dylan Schwartz says:

    Yes! I truly want to Win it All! I want to win 2 million upfront and 10k a month for the rest of my life plus the money amounts on other sweepstakes and instant win and scratch off cards. I would love to exchange my tokens for cash and my slot machine game tokens for cash and so I’m in it to instantly win big cash and prizes! I am smiling just thinking of how much my life would change and how many people I could help! Pch thank you so much for giving us all this opportunity. Much love and blessings.

  2. Orlando Jr Almarza says:

    Morning PCH..

    I really want to “WIN IT ALL!!!”
    Could you please activate my entries AND my “Scratch-off cards / Winners Registry” for Gwy 6900. Including:
    $2 Million Dollars Lump-Sum Payout
    $10,000 a Month for Life… AND a
    Brand New Lincoln MKZ.

    Awesome Sweepstakes…

  3. I want to win the big prize. I can use it to help my family plus my friends.I could use the money plus a car. I want to be one of the prize .hopes and dreams I never give up.

    Joyce Drescher / Trolleywife@live.com
    Please I want to win.
    Thank you all.

  4. Richard Farlinger says:

    Hi there PCH! I would LOVE to win this BIG PRIZE #6900 2,000.000.00, 10,000.00 per month forever and a wonderful vehicle, a Lincoln MKZ. What a FANTASTIC PRIZE LIST!! I will be very happy to work at winning and thank you for my WONDERFUL VIP specialty!! Richard Farlinger

  5. Yes I want to win it all come and see me Publishers Clearing House team I’m ready

  6. 2315 east 4th st Anderson in says:

    I could not send my enrty form becsuse i have email that is gmsil and it would submit it so i dont know what to do

  7. 2315 east 4th st Anderson in says:

    I could not get my button to work and also on the confirmation entry thst i was to mail would not sumit because i dont kniw my ID NUMBER AND MY EMAIL IS GNAIL NOT ACCEPTABLE TO SUMIT BUT I FILLED IT IN AND IT WOULD NOT SUMIT

  8. James Miller says:

    Pch yes I want to win it all 2,000,000 up front plus 10,000 a month for life and plus a brand new red Lincoln MKZ valued at 36,000.00

  9. Glenda Henson says:

    I WISH TO WIN!!!!! I WISH TO WIN!!!!!
    I am claiming and asking for Activation from the Winners Selection List for the Scratch-off Card for “WIN IT ALL” that includes 2 million up front, 10,000.00 A Month for Life, PLUS a Brand New Lincoln MKZ valued at over 36,000.00 on JUNE 30th from pch gwy. no.6900.
    I”m waiting for the Prize Patrol to stop by my house in Shawnee, KS with that BIG CHECK in hand with a set of car keys.
    Thanks PCH

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