pch.com Scratch Off Cards

pch.com Scratch Off Cards

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  1. Jori says:

    Luv winning all those scratch off cards, just wish I could get some cash from them, I had one scratch off card that I recieved in the mail, that said I had won 1,000,000 on one 100 on another n nothing on the third one it said I had won those amounts instantly so I signed the back of them n returned them 2 u n I haven’t heard anything about them since what happened 2 them?

  2. Gerald conley says:

    Only yellow can play.but sweets can win.surger.$$$$$

  3. Gerald conley says:

    Really win.lots cherry.o,s

  4. i didn’t find a scratch off card in my search.

  5. Janel Canizo says:

    Im here to find the prize amount winners registry scratch off ticket for the millionaire making opportunity for pch gwy #4900 on Feburary 26 2016. Im wishing everyone goodluck and thanking the PCH GANG for this opportunity. Id really love to win and get my girls a real home but i know there are people who have it worse than us. Thank you. whitleyjanel@yahoo.com

  6. david scudder says:


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