pch.com Scratch Off Cards

pch.com Scratch Off Cards

80 thoughts on “pch.com Scratch Off Cards”

  1. Wayne McLauchlin says:

    Can’t get the game to play

  2. love2142008@gmail.com says:

    I can’t get the games to work?

  3. Joan McMahon says:

    I had one more scratch off to get the vault and was taken off the page cannot get back to it

  4. Carlton Groff says:

    I enjoy these scratch off games,they give me a lot of pleasure and give me a lot of tokens and a lot of hope to win the big PCH prize forever winner prize.

  5. Carlton Groff says:

    I love playing your Token Scrach Cards. you liven up my Day,I like looking at the things that are on sale. keep up the Good work,maybe some day I will win Something and then I can buy a few of the things that I like.

  6. Randy Green says:

    good games

  7. we had a call from a man saying we had won publishers, my husband ask him what he had to do. the man hung up. no more calls.

    Josephine runyon

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Josephine – Please report all scammers to abuse@pch.com.

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