Final Winner Selection List

Final Winner Selection List

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  1. have I won pch search &win w/ prize patrol? j.m.lemaster jr ???

  2. Robert Lee says:

    Blessings yes winning is that is the key when I win I would《 win it all》♡♡♡ faith PRIZE PATROL .YES I DO CLAIM MY WINNING OWNERSHIP OF WINNING SO I ROBERT W. LEE WOULD LIKE TO welcome you to my Door. Thank Publishers CLEARING HOUSE AN Praies An BLESSING TO JESUS.

  3. carolyn lawson says:

    I agree to all the rules and regulations, and I want my money on Aug. 31, 2015 for the agreed amount of 5000 a week to me and thereafter for a specific member chosen by me. Thank you and hopeful to finally meet all of you.

  4. carolyn lawson says:

    I want 4900 gwy 5000 forever a week with continued payment for a member of my family for life. I am looking forward to receiving my money August 31, 2015.

  5. House Winner Had Three Pair of Eyes And Gave Them The Golden opportunity Golden Ticket Gwy No 4900 4749 Seeing Double. Have to Analyze people people who read the blogs and read The Dave Sayer will show up again soon. Time Is Ticking Hurry Hurry My Time is running out I finished at finish line already.

  6. Ricky moser says:

    I claim the comment mentioned agreement and agree

  7. Ricky moser says:

    I agree to official comment mentioned agreement for my #4900 5000.00 wk for life early look for aug 31 2015

  8. Ricky moser says:

    I have read the official agreement file and I fully understand and agree. To everything . Please b release my money to me coming from #4900 superprize for aug 31 2015 and the million dollors for having every thing timely

  9. Ricky moser says:

    I claim superprize #4900 5000.00 wk legend of a lifetime with continuing payments for my special person 5000.00 wk I agree to the officis agreement sent

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