Final Winner Selection List

Final Winner Selection List

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  1. charlotte cannon says:

    I hope I win

  2. Judith McClure says:

    The Good Lord will decides !

  3. Dorothy Carson says:

    This would so certainly be a
    blessing to our family. I have
    7 grandchildren all born since
    my husband passed away. Three
    grandchildren are in college
    now, and it is expensive for
    them. I would love to put
    them through college if I did
    win. I would be so thankful,
    more than I can relate to you.

  4. Phyllis Spencer says:

    I would like to win because like everyone else I have had a hard life and raised 5 kids on my own. I would like to help them out a little and finally just get a little place of my own. My grandkids would love me to have a place only because of my holidays. Since I got sick with COPD I haven’t had good holidays but now that I am control it I would like to give it back to the grandkids plus I would really like to see them. My kids are in 3 different states and I can’t afford to go see them. This would be a big surprise for them. Thank you

  5. Ashley McKenna says:

    I would love to win to help us survive in this economy and to help our family and others out. <3

  6. Courtney Caudill says:

    I would love to when to help my family out because we are lucky to even be in a house. So i would love to win to help me and my family stay in a house.

  7. ariana lopez says:

    It would be a true blessing and very appreciated to be able to win such a prize, and finally be able to breath.

  8. This would be the best thing ever

  9. Regina Willoughby says:

    I would love to win so that I can help my family and friends in hard times, help myself in hard times, and start a college fund for my first born child. Winning this would mean a lot to the ones I love.

  10. virginia klink says:

    thanks for giving me good luck and god bless everyone

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