Will Someone With My Set Of Initials Really Win?

Will Someone With My Initials Really Win?

Hi PCH friends! You may have received a notice from PCH (either through email or regular mail) stating that someone with your set of initials will definitely become a winner. First, let me assure you that it’s 100% true. But, if you’ve ever had any questions about our Initials Contest or wondered, Will someone with my set of initials really win?, please read on!

Yes, someone with your set of initials will definitely win a prize. Here’s how the Initials Contest works: Publishers Clearing House will announce a $100 winner for every initial combination in the alphabet — 676 sets of initials in all! The Initials Contest is one of our most exciting sweepstakes here at Publishers Clearing House for that very reason – lots of happy winners with a grand total of $67,000 awarded!

Lots of Chances To Win At PCH!

When you receive a Prize notice from PCH, there are usually several sweepstakes opportunities included within. So, if you receive a notice featuring the Initials Contest, which is PCH Giveaway No. 2231, chances are there would also be details about an exciting SuperPrize opportunity.

Take a look at a notice from PCHSearch&Win below. You’ll see that our Sweepstakes are differentiated with Giveaway Numbers. If you have any other questions about our PCH winning opportunities, checking the Official Rules can also help.


The Initials Giveaway Explained

PCH A Name You Can Trust!

At Publishers Clearing House, we guarantee to award all prizes as offered  — over $245 Million to date! So I can tell you that the answer to the question, Will someone with my set of initials really win? is a resounding YES!
And it could even be YOU if you enter!

Good luck!

Elaina R.
Online Creative

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  1. I’m requested pch officials and member’s to please claim and secure my entry to win $100.00 cash prize for someone initial U.K as part of pch gwy no. 6650! Plus also win $5000,00 a week forever on February 24th /17 from pch gwy no. 6900! For the tournament game offers we are thanks pch officials and member’s for the lifetime credits.

  2. Yes I would like to enter my initials for a chance to win a $100 cash from Gwy No.6650 with the initials D.B.plus I would like to enter for a chance to win $5,000 A Week “Forever!” on February 24! with Gwy No.6900. Thanks PHC!!

  3. Hello its Spencer Hopper Sh is it
    1)Danielle Lam D.L.
    2)Todd Sloane T.S.
    3)Dave Sayer D.S.
    And I would love to Set Of my Initials are L.B.,will win $100.00 Cash Prize as part of Gwy.No.3818

  4. Oh yes I want to Claim my set of Initials for $100.00, in the 75156 TV viewing area Gwy 6650. Thank you. D P. In TX.

  5. Hello PCH and PrizePatrol, this is DP in Gun Barrel city TX,I Humbly ask you to please enter my set of Initials (DP) for the TV viewing area of 75156. Thank you. DP

    I am claiming a Prize Number from the Winners Selection List for 100.00 Cash Prize to validate my Initials (G.H.) from pch gwy. no.6650