359 thoughts on “InitialsGiveaway”

  1. Sandra L. says:

    I want to win I been praying for years’ playing seven days’ a week SL a real true fan of PCH. 🙏🏽

  2. Trolunda M Estes says:

    I don’t know what to believe at times . I take a lot of time out of work to play these games but is GAMES being played on me ? GOD GIVE ME THE STRENGTH TO BELIEVE.

  3. Robbie Rich says:

    I’m here to win

  4. Teresa says:

    I really want to win. I am here. I am still hoping the Prize Patrol Todd & Danielle & Dave comes to EastBernstadt, Kentucky. Our mom is disable and in a wheel chair and none of her brother’s and sister’s ever comes to visit but only time they do is when mom’s in the hospital. Our mom’s depressed cause she can not do any yard work or play in her garden’s we try to help. Like we help mom out on the deck to be out side and usually there’s no shade in the back and mom get sunburn real easy with all the medicine she is taking. And we do not have the money to build a screen in front porch w/ a ramp. I would really like a in door garden in the front or at least in the front porch so our mom can have some kind of activity to do besides sitting in that wheel chair. And the wheel chair is coming apart it need’s some repairs, the company will not come to repairs cause our dad hasn’t got the money to pay them. And the doctor bill’s and hospital bill’s is piling up and they want it paid in one big lump some. Even my sister is having problems with the doctor & hospital bill’s since she started taking the treatments every other month and those treatments cost $1,800.00 and the insurance will not pay unless she shows proof of income. Our mom’s really unhappy with this illness and being in that wheel chair. I really hope The Elite Prize Patrol come on June 30th I really, really want to win it all! Or at least win $250, Thousand a year for life! Or $10, Thousand a month! I really, really want to win.

  5. my initials are EL my name is Eduardo Lopez

  6. helloiamclaimimgentrywinmillionairemakingsuperprize#gwy4900verfication22-01activatefulleligibiltytowin2million+morejune30+claiminginitialcontestEC100.00 +claimimgmytrackingreportpch21007gwy4900

  7. marvel marks says:

    I want to win I hope I do

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