308 thoughts on “InitialsGiveaway”

  1. E.W says:

    Some one with my initials E.W will win $100,00

  2. jessica castaneda says:

    my initial is JC for jessica castaneda win

  3. leslie j says:

    Hope to pray that they will search on Initials on LESLIE J COX SR on drawing sweepstakes sometimes

  4. Jimmy Napier says:

    God please help to me. I am still hope to win amen

  5. Ashley says:

    Everyone wants to win cause it would change our lives for ever no more struggling to take care of the electric bill or any other bill,give my kids more things they want it would be great to win!!! The first thing I would do is pick some people I know that struggle some money and oh well I done got plans,I wish us all good luck and god bless!!!! Have a great day

  6. I would like to win I never won anything in the sweepstakes on line I would be happy if I can win the 10,000 for life

  7. Juanita guyton says:

    My initial jg would win. Ms Guyton October 25,2014.

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