Top Reasons Why You May Not Be Winning Sweepstakes!


If you’ve ever heard yourself saying this or thinking “why am I not winning sweepstakes”, then you must read this blog! We’re here to share the top reasons why you may not be winning Sweepstakes. Find out what could be standing in the way of you and the prizes of your dreams!

1.     Forgetting to Enter Every Day!

Do you know that you can enter most of our Sweepstakes every single day? It’s true! So if you only enter once in a while, or one or two days a week, you’re really missing out! Maximize your chances to win by entering as often as you can!

2.  Using Only One Way To Win!

PCH fans should know that there are tons of ways to enter the PCH Sweepstakes!  Of course, there’s, but there’s also PCHSearch&Win — where you can claim an entry with your first search of the day – PCHGames, PCHlotto, the PCH Fan Page on Facebook, PCHTV, PCH mailings and more! WOW, that’s a lot of ways to enter! Are you using them all?


3.     Missing Important Opportunities!

You may have missed a winning opportunity that got sent to your inbox because you didn’t check it or, even worse, you may have deleted a message because you thought it was junk mail or spam. Your e-mail provider may think an important notification is spam and place it where you can’t see it, so be sure to check your spam folders regularly!  It would be such a shame if you missed out on an exciting new chance to win.


4.     Giving Up Too Easily 

 You’ve heard the saying, “Patience is a virtue”. And in today’s world of instant gratification, lightning quick messaging and information, and everything available at the click of a button, we sometimes forget that some things worth waiting for take time. And sometimes when we lose our patience we become anxious, worried or unhappy, so the best thing to do is to stick with a strategy and keep the faith AND your peace of mind. As they say, “time will tell”. Everyone goes through dry spells, so it’s important not to give up. 

5.     Only Trying For One Prize!

 Everyone wants to win the big prizes, but it’s also a good idea to enter a mix of sweepstakes and contests, including daily giveaways and smaller cash prizes . Be sure to go for all different kinds of sweepstakes, some with big prizes and others with lots of prizes to win. It’s fun to go for a variety of exciting prize opportunities! Plus, it’s a great way to stay motivated!

So stop wondering “why am I not winning sweepstakes” and follow the tips above! They can go a long way toward winning sweepstakes prizes of your dreams!

Best of luck to you all!

Jane M.

PCH Creative

P.S. There’s only 10 days left to enter to win the PCH “Forever” Prize on August 29th! Be sure to get those entries in while you still can!  And remember my advice above … enter in every single way you can!


P.P.S. We have a question for you… what’s your favorite instant win game at PCHGames? Be sure to visit today’s Play&Win blog and give us your answer!

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Dee Dee said...

I enter EVERYDAY!!!! Hope to see you on August 29th!!!!!

Linda Dawson said...

I guess I am greedy because I try to take advantage of any and every opportunity to win. Needless to say,I haven’t been succesful. However, I believing in being persistance and patience. I can’t dwell on the fact I never won. I am thankful just to get another opportunity to win. Positive thinking and believing in God’s grace keep me from throwing in the towel and say I quit. Giving up is not an option for me. I think I have proven this through the many years with PCH Sweepstakes. I never give up on my dreams. I would like to encourage and inspire all the entrants like me to keep trying. I want to win all PCH money. This is not being selfish but a being a realist. PCH has the money so why not try and get some because they have more money than we have. I never made it a secret I am in it to WIN. At the end of the day, I can say “I tried”. Blessings to all and get those entries in !!

Narseary Johnson said...

What is the phone number to dial to enter the sweepstakes?

Narseary Johnson said...

I also enter every day and I use a lot of the different ways to enter each day. I have been doing so for about 2 years or more now. I think it’s about time I become the next winner. Only time will tell. Good luck to all.

David Faas said...

While,I enter everyday or Participate everyday and even though
I have not WON Since 2001 here in Duluth,Minnesota. I Still am
Persistent and always keep the faith that I will WIN and hopefully that day is on 8/29.Seeing the PrizePatrol.The King himself Mr.Dave Sayer,Mr.Todd Sloane & as always the very beautiful Danielle Lam.I never in a million years will ever lose hope!So,Please Let me finally WIN on 8/29.And God bless PCH. Mr.David Faas Duluth,Minnesota

Christine Stadtmiller said...

I try everyday. Can`t wait to see who wins!!!

kasha frye said...

I enter everyday even when I moved from va to CA I made sure to reply to all emails. I really enjoy PCH lotto I’m not a big gamer so I play occasionally. I enter and change my focus to daily activities if I have a question or become stumped w something while out and about I log in to PCH search and win I get the answers to my question and a free entry!

I LoVe PCH……free to enter fun to play ;)

Joyce Earl said...

I enter 4. ,or more everyday.

maria estrella baccay platecki said...

i enter yesterday,today,everyday,everyweek,everymonth and everyyear till gonna hit the big event my wish only is to win here.i dont ever ever gave up the one i started still here kicking and breathing cause someday my dreams come true here.the all site is amazing,awesome and fantastic i am super duper fanatic here.good luck and god bless you all

Traci Myers said...

I love the Lotto..I love to play, but I haven’t won yet…

Penny Tull said...

PCH SWEEPSTAKES is free to enter! That’s great the more you play the more you learn. Good Luck to all!! If I were the winner of the BIG CHECK I would be happy to leave my legacy as a giving caring person who gave freely to the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY to help find the cure for all cancers!! #1830

Penny Tull said...

PCH SWEEPSTAKES is free to enter! That’s great ! The more you play the more you learn. #1830

Karen Shelton said...

On my daily to do list is entering Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

#1830….August 29th…..Happy Day!…..”Forever Prize Day”…..It would be great to win. The winnings would help so much.

Diana Hanlon said...

I enter every day my lotto and pchgame just about everything but something I don’t have time for the survey but I’m still in to win.

Linda bivens said...

everyday since I can remember! I keep trying, hope to see you all soon

maria estrella baccay platecki said...

I enter everyday here I don’t want to lose hope+patience=faith that someday my dreams come true here.

Leticia Bibo said...

Leticia Bibo Said…
I never miss to enter or PCH,PCHFrontpage,PCHSearch&Win……and I hope to see PCH at my door on August 29th bring “Forever”Prize.Thanks!!

susan varughese said...

i enter everyday on every sites. i have a question: of all the lists what are the PCH Ads, PCH mailings, Enter by telephone, and enter by mail? i cannot find these to enter. Thank you.

Michaela G. said...

Thank you Jane M., for wishing all of us all the luck to win $5,000.00 A Week “FOREVER” from PCH!!! I know I need it!!! ;-)

Well, all I can say is that I enter everyday and I have been doing this for 7 years now online. I enter everyday on all your different webs sites and email and mail in to, PCH app, FB and calling in to PCH. I am trying everything to get to win MEGA SUPER BIG from PCH, I spend hours doing this all day all morning, noon and night, my family would like be to stop and they have both told me that I am never going to win any thing from PCH because you do not come to our state. I remind them that any one can win MEGA SUPER BIG and never give up on your dreams in winning!!!

I do hope to see the Prize Patrol on August 29th!!! So you could say “I’m in it to win it” and that is why I enter everyday!!!

It is sad that summer is almost over with, but I hope you all are having a wonderful and safe summer!!!

edward jones said...

add your comment here

edward jones said...

I would like to win!!!!!!!

Stancio Butler said...

Are the Prize Patrol going to do a drawing & announce a $1,000.00 “Beat a Heat!” Riches sweepstakes winner on wednesday, august 14th which is this week?

Keeper of the Birds said...

I totally agree with today’s ……if you want a miracle first you must believe one is even possible, then you have to dream of how it may be possible; then contemplate how to bring this ‘vision of your miracle’ into being….then utter all the uplifting motivating loving words or utterances your can in order to bring it forth into your life….this is just my OWN experience. just sayin’ give it some thought….and my favorite Instant Win game is:
Wheel-o Riches
where you can
Win BIG CASH & PRIZES on the spot!

great mwineza said...

Everything that comes in my way, I enter. i am still waiting for my time.

Lauralee Hensley said...

Well, I don’t know about others, but sometimes I’ve had email from PCH and click on the link to enter, but it won’t go through. It takes me to an error code page or says the internet can’t connect with that page. So, I don’t know if those emails are really from PCH or are a scam. Yet, the ones the link does work through, I definitely try to enter. I really try to enter everyday through more than one of the PCH sites, unless I am sick. Yet, even when I’m sick I really try to get on the computer just to enter PCH sweeps and then forget about my other email or business on the computer for the day. I know you can’t win if you don’t enter and try really hard to tell myself “One Day.” Hoping this August 29th, 2013 the Forever Prize will be my one day, but if not I won’t have a melt down. Can’t hang all your hopes and dreams from one place, otherwise life could end up a bummer if that one place of hopes and dreams never comes to be. I know a lot of people are hoping and dreaming just as I am, but I’m trying to give them a bit of competition I guess, by getting in many of my entries too. LOL, me competition, that’s kind of funny when you really think about it. Good Luck to all of us who enter, even for many, many, many years.

Jamie Sharb said...

Dear Jane M.
I have entered to win PCH Sweepstakes and PCH Giveaways everyday. I have lots of patients and I am very determined. I would love to win any of Publishes Clearing House Sweepstakes and giveaways. That is why I enter everyday and every way you wrote about in your blog. The only one I have not entered as much as I would like is by mail. I have called to be put on their mailing list and just waiting for that to begin. I do write letters and send them into PCH for entries for their sweepstakes until I start to receive mail from them on a regular basis. I think I do pretty goo when it comes to giving me and my family the best chances to win a life changing Big Check from PCH. With there only being 10 days left to enter for PCH Forever Prize that is getting delivered to one lucky person on August 29th 2013 my anxiety has sky rocketed, I keep wondering what it would be like if I won that PCH Sweepstake for me and my family. It would help me and my family in many different ways as it would anyone who wins that wonderful prize. I do have hope to get that knock on my door on August 29th from PCH Prize Patrol congratulating me and announcing I am the winner of Publishers Clearing House Forever Prize of $5,000 A Week Forever and I get to pick someone else also to get $5,000 A Week Forever too. That is me day dreaming out loud. Who knows my day dream might one day become a reality. I don’t know if I’ll ever win but I will continue to enter for PCH for the rest of my life. And you asked what our favorite instant win game to play at PCHGames is the Prize Patrol slots. I love to play slots and it being Prize Patrol slots makes it even more exciting for to play. I have all my entries in at, PCHGames, PCHSearch&Win, calling on the phone. So I am going to go explore on PCHTips for awhile. I hope you all have a great evening and I wish everyone luck! And before I say bye I want to thank you Jane M. for writing this blog to give everyone insight on all the different ways to enter for PCH Sweepstakes!
Thank You,
Jamie Sharb

Sara Thornton said...

I love reading all of the blogs. Great luck to everyone. Congrats to all of those who have won. Thank you PCH for all of the opportunities you offer the public to enter into the sweepstakes.

with much gratitude!

Kmt Terry said...

Yeah right, your contest rules say all votes are counted as having the same chance of winning. Entering everyday on every site helps nothing. You guys are just a complete waste of time and full of crap.

Racquel Pellikan-Younan said...

Trying to enter the sweepstakes through PCHTV but the site shows error loading media: file could not be played. Just wondering when this will get fixed because we love watching the winners and entering. Thanks for your reply.
Racquel Pellikan-Younan

Noelle Robbins said...

I won a $5.00 Amazon certificate on the PCH instant lotto game on PCH Facebook. Does this mean I can never win another PCH prize? If you win once is your name removed from the system as a potential winner of a bigger prize?

Should I give up and stop trying for a bigger prize?

I am assuming that the winners of the biggest prizes cannot win again, is this correct?

Kesha Colbert said...

Ive been entering almost every day. Im a single mom of two girls. 5 & 15. Neither of their fathers hav been a part of their lives. So, its been hard to try to make up for their absence. But the girls r my life.. and through our ups & some downs, weve been able to manage. Ive been a barber/stylist for 24 yrs. But due to complications w/ carpal tunnel… its kinda put a damper on my career as a cosmetologist… its hard cause the bills r piling up, and i dont qualify for much now, due to no other experience in other fields. U would think that having one job, or being employed at one place for nearly 20 yrs would give u access into a new job.. but it hasnt been very sucessful… and a bit disappointing… it would be a huge blessing if ever i did win….. so thank u for the tips on how to win more chances…. greatly appreciated. I hope to see u soon… face to face… God bless!!! Kesha Colbert

Tommy Browning said...

I play every game and entry every day its starting to get old every game has the same outcome(you did win a prize but heres a bonus entry) blah blah good things come to those who wait! Sounds good i honestly think its just to get people to there web site i say prove me wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SueAnn Sipin, but I would like to remain unknown said...

Do you people realize that some people can’t play games as because they have crippling diseases like me, I have MS and my hands are clenched. I don’t have a computer just a iPhone and limited minutes and can’t afford to play everyday as my minutes are precious! I also need to have someone here everyday to help me enter, that is costly. I can’t buy things as my disability makes it impossible to enter everything because I don’t have a tv as I can’t afford the basics, and this is a luxury. I try to do all I can when I can and have been the seventh generation trying to win. First that hasn’t been unable to order. Loved to get my magazines from my Dad from you before he passed. I true ly try to do all I can and I get threats back that you are going to drop me because I’ve not ordered. If I could I would get things from you, but I can’t say yes to anything. I live beyond paycheck to paycheck as I don’t make all my bills as my savings has been drained due to my meds as they are not cheap, state won’t help as I am the only one and I don’t know how they feel that $980.00 a month is enough to live on for one person. After paying my mortgage and health insurance, car insurance on a 15 year old car, then taxes go up on your house, car and utilities, there is nothing left . I can’t move as I’ll owe money on my house and have nothing to buy or rent on. Plus utilities is going up 7% and my little cost of living only went up half a percent. I am looking as being put out on the street. But , yes I know this is not your problem and it really isn’t like I planned to get disabled with MS, but things happen. I’m just asking for you not to get people all over the world to get out hopes up when you already show commercials of people who have won the prizes you say aren’t going to be offered for another couple months. I may not be the sharpiest crayon in the box, but I’m not the dumbest either.
Thank you for letting me get this offs chest but it will probably just go I to the trash befor you read it all.
Thanks again otherwise, a 7 generation believer who no longer believes anymore, SueAnn Sipin, Johnson, SueG Ann Gutman, that one had to be sold to you as that was a security name used at a job of high national security, and you never know where I live, so you would never get it delivered to the right address either.

stacey wiley said...

I’ve played them all on a daily basis, with still no results… Now thats discouraging

Cletus Watts said...

I have entered on line and by mail for so long and have not gotten anything. I like the sweepstakes with things to order, not all the others.

Linda Applebeck said...

I have entered the sweepstakes by mail through the years but never one. I have been playing PCH games ever since the end of the month of January 2O14. I have not won anything except tokens or diamonds. I can’t really afford to order any of your products even though I did in the past when I could afford it.This is so discouraging!!! I will keep playing until I win!!

tammera boer said...

thank you pch see u in goodman mo.