Top Reasons Why You May Not Be Winning Sweepstakes!


If you’ve ever heard yourself saying this or thinking “why am I not winning sweepstakes”, then you must read this blog! We’re here to share the top reasons why you may not be winning Sweepstakes. Find out what could be standing in the way of you and the prizes of your dreams!

1.     Forgetting to Enter Every Day!

Do you know that you can enter most of our Sweepstakes every single day? It’s true! So if you only enter once in a while, or one or two days a week, you’re really missing out! Maximize your chances to win by entering as often as you can!

2.  Using Only One Way To Win!

PCH fans should know that there are tons of ways to enter the PCH Sweepstakes!  Of course, there’s, but there’s also PCHSearch&Win — where you can claim an entry with your first search of the day – PCHGames, PCHlotto, the PCH Fan Page on Facebook, PCHTV, PCH mailings and more! WOW, that’s a lot of ways to enter! Are you using them all?


3.     Missing Important Opportunities!

You may have missed a winning opportunity that got sent to your inbox because you didn’t check it or, even worse, you may have deleted a message because you thought it was junk mail or spam. Your e-mail provider may think an important notification is spam and place it where you can’t see it, so be sure to check your spam folders regularly!  It would be such a shame if you missed out on an exciting new chance to win.


4.     Giving Up Too Easily 

 You’ve heard the saying, “Patience is a virtue”. And in today’s world of instant gratification, lightning quick messaging and information, and everything available at the click of a button, we sometimes forget that some things worth waiting for take time. And sometimes when we lose our patience we become anxious, worried or unhappy, so the best thing to do is to stick with a strategy and keep the faith AND your peace of mind. As they say, “time will tell”. Everyone goes through dry spells, so it’s important not to give up. 

5.     Only Trying For One Prize!

 Everyone wants to win the big prizes, but it’s also a good idea to enter a mix of sweepstakes and contests, including daily giveaways and smaller cash prizes . Be sure to go for all different kinds of sweepstakes, some with big prizes and others with lots of prizes to win. It’s fun to go for a variety of exciting prize opportunities! Plus, it’s a great way to stay motivated!

So stop wondering “why am I not winning sweepstakes” and follow the tips above! They can go a long way toward winning sweepstakes prizes of your dreams!

Best of luck to you all!

Jane M.

PCH Creative

P.S. There’s only 10 days left to enter to win the PCH “Forever” Prize on August 29th! Be sure to get those entries in while you still can!  And remember my advice above … enter in every single way you can!


P.P.S. We have a question for you… what’s your favorite instant win game at PCHGames? Be sure to visit today’s Play&Win blog and give us your answer!

68 thoughts on “Top Reasons Why You May Not Be Winning Sweepstakes!”

  1. Carol says:

    I’ve been playing by mail, since before we all had personal computers and haven’t won a dime, but I have to add that we need to remember that there are millions of people entering every day, day after day. You already know the odds on your state lotto and those are in the multiple millions of chances. This is no different, except you don’t have to buy any tickets. PCH says that you don’t need to purchase anything to enhance your odds of winning and, although I’ve purchased a number of things, I believe that is true. I could be a fool, but I choose to believe this is entirely random and fair. Yes PCH makes a lot of money from those of use who purchased over-priced items with exorbitant shipping charges, but that’s our decision not PCH’s. Stay in the game and perhaps you will be the next winner. God bless everyone.

  2. wow PCH If don’t win it isn’t because I haven’t tried because I have tried so hard night and day. I hope I win and I am not giving up until you show up at my door with a big check.
    Brenda Carlton

  3. Crystal Tippins says:

    I only win tokens never any real money and then use the tokens to enter over and over please God,let something real happen…

  4. Joan says:

    Spent hundreds over 40 years and.I consider myself a fool for allowing PCH to have such control.over me…..
    This game is a scam and I am an idiot for falling for it!
    Must admit this company knows how to.make money , but the you MUST purchase to even get in the game

    1. drwho7154 says:

      I agree with you 100%
      A lot of these wonderful-should i say sponsors are some of the biggest scammers you
      will ever come across!
      And as far as these so called contests go-why don’t they really have an honest contest-if they know what the word means!!!!

  5. PCH I Did not get A code and t did not get a Cretifficate of Title That is why I will Not win
    Brenda Carlton

  6. Ernestine says:

    I’m tired I done all they say do everyday it because draining I pray in hope every time I try not to give up but it’s hard it really is I been buy stuff from them for 19 years I enter these prizes for 19 years everyday by mail computer cell phones Facebook in calling in to enter how much is there more to day ? It’s really hard times right now it’s at its worst in I’m still trying to win something from pch I don’t understand how all the rest of these people winning in done everything every single day the same routine in it hurt to know I may never win this . It’s sad it’s like it’s a fake game or something in they paying people to act like they won to keep us going . Then the worst was when a guy calls my house 5 times acting like they from pch making like I won 2 million dollars in lucky I went with my gut feeling to call pch my self in they sad I did not win it’s fraud I was truly hurt I really thought this was the big deal I been waiting for but to turn out it wasn’t in then they hit you with you could win if u mail this off at a time frame or if you do this or that. I’m so tired I guess I be old as dirt when I finally win something from here. But I will keep trying just to really see if this is true or false.

  7. Gordon says:

    I have bought for YEARS from pch. Never won anything. I don’t expect the ten million, but I just want a new pickup truck! Is that too much to ask?
    I don’t have time to sit here hour after hour to search on pch so they make the money on the search engines! I have got things to do, especially my woodworking projects.I have to turn my energy toward my goals rather than make money for pch

  8. Howard says:

    Well try try try again is the rule or am i not a facebook suckup

  9. R says:

    I have faith that I will win one day….so I will continue to play in hopes that it pays off.

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