Top Reasons Why You May Not Be Winning Sweepstakes!


If you’ve ever heard yourself saying this or thinking “why am I not winning sweepstakes”, then you must read this blog! We’re here to share the top reasons why you may not be winning Sweepstakes. Find out what could be standing in the way of you and the prizes of your dreams!

1.     Forgetting to Enter Every Day!

Do you know that you can enter most of our Sweepstakes every single day? It’s true! So if you only enter once in a while, or one or two days a week, you’re really missing out! Maximize your chances to win by entering as often as you can!

2.  Using Only One Way To Win!

PCH fans should know that there are tons of ways to enter the PCH Sweepstakes!  Of course, there’s, but there’s also PCHSearch&Win — where you can claim an entry with your first search of the day – PCHGames, PCHlotto, the PCH Fan Page on Facebook, PCHTV, PCH mailings and more! WOW, that’s a lot of ways to enter! Are you using them all?


3.     Missing Important Opportunities!

You may have missed a winning opportunity that got sent to your inbox because you didn’t check it or, even worse, you may have deleted a message because you thought it was junk mail or spam. Your e-mail provider may think an important notification is spam and place it where you can’t see it, so be sure to check your spam folders regularly!  It would be such a shame if you missed out on an exciting new chance to win.


4.     Giving Up Too Easily 

 You’ve heard the saying, “Patience is a virtue”. And in today’s world of instant gratification, lightning quick messaging and information, and everything available at the click of a button, we sometimes forget that some things worth waiting for take time. And sometimes when we lose our patience we become anxious, worried or unhappy, so the best thing to do is to stick with a strategy and keep the faith AND your peace of mind. As they say, “time will tell”. Everyone goes through dry spells, so it’s important not to give up. 

5.     Only Trying For One Prize!

 Everyone wants to win the big prizes, but it’s also a good idea to enter a mix of sweepstakes and contests, including daily giveaways and smaller cash prizes . Be sure to go for all different kinds of sweepstakes, some with big prizes and others with lots of prizes to win. It’s fun to go for a variety of exciting prize opportunities! Plus, it’s a great way to stay motivated!

So stop wondering “why am I not winning sweepstakes” and follow the tips above! They can go a long way toward winning sweepstakes prizes of your dreams!

Best of luck to you all!

Jane M.

PCH Creative

P.S. There’s only 10 days left to enter to win the PCH “Forever” Prize on August 29th! Be sure to get those entries in while you still can!  And remember my advice above … enter in every single way you can!


P.P.S. We have a question for you… what’s your favorite instant win game at PCHGames? Be sure to visit today’s Play&Win blog and give us your answer!

58 thoughts on “Top Reasons Why You May Not Be Winning Sweepstakes!”

  1. Tina Vazquez says:

    What a disappointment for so many good people

  2. the only I would believe people really win if I could talk face to face to some one that won! I have been playing doing orders spend lot of money. and win nothing pch wants you to order not doing it any more their stuff is junk. charge to much money I guess I was crazy for buying from pch . September 1 2014

  3. kristy says:

    I’ve been playing for two years and can’t even win a 5 dollar prize, so what’s the use. Better off with state lotto,at least I’ve won a few bucks with that.

  4. Dawn Peevey says:

    My favorite instant win game is Casino Vacation slots
    Then what I hate is when I am in the Running going strong for a month, the ph carrier I have puts a block on
    My phone for three weeks!!!! I hate them ruining my chances of trying to win. Any Ideas how I can Stop them
    From doing that??? I could use feed back on that. Thank

  5. well Gentleman, and ladies(Peggy, sorry about falling off horse) ,My Mother(deceased)had been faithfully entering #PCH’s sweepstakes since I was 8yo.she entered religiously, everry time she received a notice or entry in mail,which was long be4 pc;s came into play,and she still did it. She never won either, however, she always said :sonny boy (my parents pet name for me as I was youngest out of 10 siblings.)” we keep entering, and were bound to win something”I used to help her fill out the entries, i thought it was fun, as it was time we spent together, just the two of us, so I looked forward to them aririving. Well, I enter them now and have been doing since mom passed(2001). With pc’s and the internet, it’s al lot quicker, and I still spend minimum of 3 hrs a week, and I havn’t either, but as they say “You can’t win if you don’t enter”, so at age 49, I enter as often as I get the notifications. I play all the games as well as send in the time sensitive emails and such, and I have all these tokens(350k) that I am trying to find out the best manner in which to redeem them. So keep the faith and do it! maybe win, maybe not, but if y’all stop, You will never know. Good luck to all and keep playing #PCH games, what do you have to loose,except the chance of a #LIFE-CHANGING event. #PCH are #DREAMMAKERS , AND I’M #INITTOWINIT!! AND TO #WINITALL. tHANKS AGAIN #PCH AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE #PCHSUPERFANS.

    1. DJ Emir says:

      In the early days of PCH search and win I did win 2 Movie tickets just a month or two apart. It’a now been a few years since I’ve won anything. I assume there are just more people searching now. My wife however thinks it’s all fake, I remind her of the movie tickets, so at the very least the small prizes are for sure being given away. And hopefully some day they will show up at my door when I win one of the huge mega prizes …. Come on 5000 a week for life… come on no wammies… But right now I’m getting a huge wammy… everytime I search it doesn’t seem like it is registering the searches because the line under the search box still reads “Search now and you’ll be entered to win a prize from Publishers Clearing House!” Instead of “You’ve just received your first entry of the day, continue searching to win daily prizes” etc… so something is wrong with their search service.

  6. It’s hopeless… I lost all faith and belief in publishers clearing house… All the pch lotto games are rigged and not designed to let people win. It’s a misleading scam that makes the whole concept of pch search now if u want to win a bogus false advertisement.. I feel like I’ve been played for a fool and I’m very discouraged. I’m a tax paying hard working human being that makes an honest living paycheck to check that still believes that good things happens to good people that never lose hope & patience… I hope & pray for a miracle because that’s what it’s gonna take to win pch.

    1. I’m imbarrased to say how often and how long I’ve been playing pch online… And you are right about pch lotto because I’ve played the wheel games, the slots, the card games & scratchers… All I have won was tokens, Chips, coins and a few entry to the pch contest… It’s gotten to the point of depression & anxiety.. But I really can’t blame anyone but myself.. Sad but true.

    2. ray hare says:

      why don’t you show them that they are wrong

    3. ray hare says:

      wow so much bad feed back, I hope im not doing that same think, I hope u guys are for real

  7. Peggy says:

    Been living on my husband Vietnam disability (100%) and I fell off a horse and am unable to work – I play everyday i can but i can only sit for so long before my back goes out. Do they consider any of this, that some of us are disabled and can’t stay online for any length of time?

  8. ray hare says:

    I enter your sweepstakes ever day cause I am retire don’t have nother to do that why I am on the computer searching somethink to do so 1 day pch show up so to the guy that don’t like my post delete it that all

  9. Ronald Raeppel says:

    I have been entering ever since the 1970′s. and NEVER won anything.
    Sorry, but I do NOT have time to sit in front of my computer screen all day every day to play all of your games, I do have a life and other things to do.

  10. ray hare says:

    I\If you open your spam or junk email you can get a virus. and by the way your games are still not working right why? its a big problem

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