Have You Seen The PCH Prize Patrol YouTube Page?

Hi PCH fans!

Many of you have talked about how you love seeing our winning moments. But what many people don’t know is that we have our own YouTube channel that features those amazing winning moments all in one place!! That’s right, PCH is on YouTube! By typing Publishers Clearing House in the search box and clicking on the channel “pchprizepatrol”, you will find our page!  There are winning moments from years ago, all the way through our most recent winners…what more could a PCH fan want?

A common question about PCH is “do you surprise winners who live in apartment buildings?” and “is age is a factor in the winner selection process?” Well, the winner selection process is COMPLETELY random, and the Publishers Clearing House YouTube Channel includes videos of winners who we have surprised in all different types of residences — from apartment buildings to trailer communities — and winners of all ages, from young to mature! The best part about these videos is that each winner has a different reaction! Some people scream and jump for joy, while others are speechless and in shock. They are all priceless winning moments that make you think….how would I react if I won?

PCH Prize Patrol YouTube page

There are also videos on the Publishers Clearing House YouTube Channel that show behind the scenes footage from PCH headquarters of the Prize Patrol and other PCH employees. My favorite behind the scenes video is when Danielle shows fans how the BIG CHECKS are made! I loved watching Michael demonstrate to Danielle every step that goes into making the big checks for the prizes that are awarded. It was great to see the process from editing the check on the computer to cutting and fitting the check sticker onto the poster board. I never knew that the printers were so big!!

The PCH YouTube channel is also a great place to get up-to-date videos from Danielle on Facebook scammers. Danielle is always uploading new videos of demonstrations on how to report and block scammers on Facebook, as well as giving tips on how to identify a scammer. We want to make sure PCH fans know how to stay safe!

So follow the PCH YouTube Channel NOW! You will be the first to know when PCH adds new videos, and it will help you keep up-to-date on the newest winners and news from the Prize Patrol!

Alyssa C.
Promotional Development Intern

P.S. What is your favorite video on the PCH YouTube Channel? Comment below with your answer — I would love to hear from you!!

P.P.S. The clock is ticking!!! Be sure to enter while you still can!

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52 thoughts on “Have You Seen The PCH Prize Patrol YouTube Page?”

  1. Martha Perez Estrada says:

    I love to watch you tube channel !!!

  2. Martha Perez Estrada says:

    I’m a fan PCh, I always watching!!!

  3. George Reed says:

    This is an awesome show on you tube. PCH is the best. Hope to win on the early look. Praying, wishing, and hoping and waiting of course. Thanks everybody down at PCH ya’ll are the best. Keep up the good work G. Reed Las Vegas

  4. I would love to win April 27th event

  5. Jadwiga T. says:

    Yes, I want to win 7,000.00 a week for life on April 29th 2016. I’m in it to win it. I watch pch video in you tube everyday.

  6. Jadwiga T. says:

    I love to watch PCH video in You Tube. I want to be a winner on Feb.26.2016. I want to win 5,000 a week “Forever”. I’m in it to win it. I watch the video everyday and I play everyday for long time.

  7. still here still beliveing thanks

  8. O yes everyone is a big win in hoping to be a winner on PCH

    1. It’s a big national television area for the winners

  9. Jadwiga T. says:

    I am in PCH You Tube everyday. I love it. I want to win on Dec.30 and be in PCH You Tube to.

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